15 Secret Signals That Mean He’s Definitely Falling For You, According To His Zodiac Sign

Whenever you meet a new guy you like, you might not want to let him know right away. You might try to hide your feelings in some way or act like you don’t even like him as a person before you actually woman up and admit how you feel. Then again, you might be a woman who knows what she wants and will go and pursue it, fear of rejection not even a thought in your mind. Regardless, chances are when your feelings did come out, the guy in question already had some kind of idea because you gave yourself away somehow. Believe it or not, this is not something that only women do. Many men will go out of their way to try and hide how they feel from a woman for whatever reason.

While guys are notoriously tight-lipped about their emotions, they’re remarkably easy to read once you know what to look for. Perhaps your guy isn’t treating you any differently, but he’s acting differently by either playing up his good qualities or trying to hide his bad ones. Maybe the people around him are acting differently like they’re going out of their way to get to know you better. Perhaps your guy is elevating you as a person of importance in his life or even pushing you away in an effort to keep you from finding out how they feel. They might think they’re being slick or clever, but thanks to the powers of the zodiac and observation, it’s really simple to parse out what’s actually going on. Here are the secret signals guys will put out when they don’t want you to know they’re falling for you, according to their zodiac sign.

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15 Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn): He Takes Initiative To Spend Time With You


Cardinal signs like Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn won’t just wait until you make a move. Cardinal signs make energy, meaning that these are your leader-types with strong wills and more often than not, they’ll be a lot more direct about telling you that they like you. Unfortunately, Cardinal signs tend to fall into a trap of telling you that they like you, but then not doing anything else after that. There’s a lot of action, but not necessarily a lot of follow-through for whatever reason. Aries, the most direct sign, will just tell you how they feel, but they won’t necessarily go out of their way to take any action after that. Cancers are pretty direct about their emotions, but they’re pretty bad about taking those emotions and taking action based on them. Libras can be very decisive, but half the time they’re really, really not. As for Capricorns, they have a hard time taking action when it comes to love.

14 Aries: There Will Be No Secret. He Will Just Tell You


If you’re dealing with an Aries guy, chances are you’re here because he’s really putting out signals that he likes you and you’re just trying to figure out what to look for. Aries guys will not rely on subtext if they don’t have to because they value being upfront more than any other sign. This might change depending on the way an Aries communicates or the rest of his star chart, but chances are you won’t have to wonder very long if he likes you. He will make sure you see the best side of him for as long as he can, and he’ll probably be the freest about body language and personal space. If your Aries guy isn’t telling you outright how he feels, he’ll probably tell you with his body language. His face will tell you everything you need to know, and he’ll probably be really clumsy around you. Don’t expect subtlety from an Aries guy and you’ll almost never go wrong.

13 Cancer: His Friends Will Make More Of An Effort With You


Cancer guys tend to be really shy and not want to jump into something romantic right away, but this sign’s emotionality will make it so that it is almost hilariously obvious when he likes someone. He’ll try to play it off, but his heart is worn so prominently on his sleeve that everyone else can’t help but notice. Because he’s just so obvious with how he feels but doesn’t want to get hurt, he’ll confide in his close friends about how he feels about you. He might not change how he acts around you, or he might, you might not notice that. What you will notice is how his friends are a lot more forthcoming about getting to know you and bringing you into their circle. Cancer guys value the communities they’re a part of, whether that’s their family or their friends, so they’re going to want to be with someone who fits in that community, which is why they’ll appreciate their friends getting to know you as well.

12 Libra: He’ll Either Get Super Decisive Or Lose His Spine Around You

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Libra is represented by the scales, and a Libra man’s actions will depend largely on how that scale tips. A Libra man can go one of two ways. The first way is that he takes decisive action to get with you, telling you how he feels or at least dropping strong enough hints to let you know a conversation should be had. You might actually feel like the Libra guy is moving a little too fast in this scenario because you can’t keep up with the guy. The other option is that the Libra guy gets too afraid to do anything and refuses to make a decision, leaving all of the moving forward to be done by you. You’ll know the kind of Libra man you’re dealing with by his behavior. Regardless, Libra guys won’t ghost out on you or treat you like you don’t exist if he’s the second type of guy. Rather, he’ll just defer to you for everything, which can be a little frustrating.

11 Capricorn: He’ll Start Spilling His Secrets To You Without Meaning To

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Capricorn guys are reserved socially, but they’re incredibly ambitious people who tend to prioritize work over their social lives. They have a totally different persona in a group than you’d probably see when you’re alone with them, but that’s deliberate on their part. They want to appear strong and reliable, and they are strong and reliable. That makes it so a lot of Capricorn guys keep their emotions under tight lock and key. When he likes you, though, he’s going to feel safer around you without actually realizing that he feels that way about you. He’ll end up opening up to you and then annoy himself with how easily he’s spilling his guts to you. Another good indicator that a Capricorn likes you is that they’ll want you involved in their work. They’ll tell you about it and ask for your help, showing that they value your input.

10 Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius): He Quickly Becomes A Solid And Reliable Presence In Your Life

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Fixed signs like Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are the most stubborn signs you’ll ever see, and the people under these signs are the most stubborn because of that. Fixed signs maintain energy, so instead of taking action or bringing you into their lives, they’ll make it a point to become a positive presence in yours. Despite their vastly different personalities, this is something every Fixed sign has in common: when they like someone, they’ll want to be friends first, or at least establish a connection other than a romantic one with you. More importantly, Fixed sign guys are by far the most patient: they will wait for you to see them as someone you could love for as long as it takes. The only major difference between all four signs is how they do it. Taurus men will appeal to your heart, while Leos will appeal to your sense of adventure. Scorpio will make an appeal to your heart, while Aquarians will make an intellectual connection with you first. Basically, if a Fixed sign guy has become an indispensable person in your life way quicker than most, chances are he really likes you.

9 Taurus: He’ll Get Shy And Awkward, But In A Cute Way

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A Taurus guy will take a while to even admit to himself that he has feelings for you because he values his romantic connections so much. However, you might be able to figure out how he feels about you long before even he realizes it. Does your Taurus guy get really shy and awkward around you? If he does, chances are he likes you. Depending on your sign, you might not find a Taurus guy’s awkwardness appealing, but I can tell you right now that the right woman will probably find that really endearing. On another important note, Taurus guys are great at telling you how they feel through gifts and physical touch. Full disclosure: my first boyfriend was a Taurus and one Christmas he gave me a much more extravagant gift than he gave everyone else, to the point where literally everyone knew how he felt. However, he didn’t even really know how he felt at that point: it was just what he was inclined to do at the time.

8 Leo: He’ll Start Showing Off A Little More

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Leo guys don’t have to worry about crawling out of their shell because they live their entire lives openly. Rather, if they have feelings for you, they’re going to want to bring you out of your shell. They’ll be really warm with you, almost like they’re trying to impress you, but this is honestly just how Leos tend to operate regardless of their feelings. Leos are incredibly charismatic, so it’s not like he’s going to need to reach very far for the skills necessary to impress you: he’s always had those skills and is generally using them in some way. If he does tell you how he feels outright (and there’s a good chance he will because Leos don’t really fear rejection), chances are he’ll do it with a quieter gesture: he’ll want to show that he can be serious and sincere with you. If he’s the type to let his feelings go unspoken, he’ll make it a point to be a huge bright spot in your life that you can’t help but be attracted to, and chances are it’s going to work.

7 Scorpio: He’ll Either Let You In Or Shut You Out, But He’ll Eventually Tell You Straight Out Because You Don’t Get His Hints

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Scorpio guys will refuse to admit their feelings on principle and think that they can live with that, but eventually, they’re going to kind of freak out and confess their feelings in some sort of dramatic way. The issue that Scorpio guys tend to run into is that as much as they’re intense and sensual people, they have a deep-seated fascination with the innocent girls because they find those girls more mysterious and challenging. The problem with that is that Scorpio guys tend to fall for girls who either can’t take the hints they’re putting out there or don’t wait for him to show interest and take matters into their own hands. If you’re trying to woo a Scorpio guy, let him take the lead. If you’re picking up his hints, make sure you let him know so you guys can have a conversation. If you’re not seeing his hints, you’re going to be in for a pleasant surprise when he finally cracks and tells you.

6 Aquarius: He’ll Show His Emotional Side Around You

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Aquarius guys are the hardest sign to read by far in this respect. It’s not because they lack emotion, which is a pretty big stereotype with this sign regardless of gender. It’s actually just because Aquarius guys tend to count themselves out pretty early in the game, essentially friend-zoning themselves. Honestly, the best way to sniff out whether your Aquarius guy has feelings for you is for you to take the first step yourself and tell him how you feel. From there, he’ll show his emotional side and lead the way. Aquarian guys, once they know they’re in a situation with a girl that likes him as much as he likes her, will go out of their way to impress, trying to look nice and even going out of his comfort zone to do it. If you’re looking to keep an Aquarius man’s interest, be consisted with him, but don’t do too much. Aquarius guys tend to be the pickiest of the zodiac, but when they finally fall for a girl, they do it for the long haul.

5 Mutable Signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces): He Makes An Effort To Listen And Remember What You’ve Said

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Mutable signs like Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces are a lot more likely to let fate dictate where things go with you. Mutable signs change energy, making them the most adaptable signs of the zodiac by far. These guys love making friends and different kinds of connections, so you might actually miss the fact that he likes you because it seems like he’ll be treating you the same. They definitely listen a lot better than some other signs, though. Mutable signs are really open-minded, but they’re so open to everything that they might leave too much up to the universe and let you slip away. Geminis tend to talk a lot and prioritize you in their conversations, but they might not confess anything beyond that. Virgos will do the same, showing more of their lives to you, but they have a similar problem of not confessing. Sagittarius men will open themselves up and let you know how they think, but they still won’t tell you. Pisces guys will straight up try to ghost with no success.

4 Gemini: He’ll Make You The Top Priority In His Conversations

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Gemini guys love good conversations, so they’re going to make it a point to include you in those conversations if they like you. They’re going to look in your eyes while they talk to you and show off a more enthusiastic side around you because they’re just excited to be around you. Even if you’re not dating your Gemini guy, chances are that people in your mutual circle think that something’s going on with you because he’s generally right in your space and even holding your hand at times. This is because Geminis are way quicker at moving forward with a relationship than other Air signs like Cardinal Libra and Fixed Aquarius. Geminis might talk to you about everything but their feelings, but since they’re normally quite good at communication, they’re going to try and tell you in some other way. They might even kiss you out of nowhere because that’s what they feel like doing at the moment. Regardless, Gemini guys are going to find their way to your heart through conversation.

3 Virgo: He’ll Include You In Activities And Give You A Peek Into His Life

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Virgos are the type to not even approach you romantically if they don’t have significant feelings for you. However, instead of telling you outright or becoming a presence in your life, he’ll bring you into his life as a way for you to see how he is all the time. He might not be right in your space all the time, but if he is you can count that as a huge sign that he likes you because Virgos really aren’t about all that. Virgo guys are the type who will try and be supportive of you in any situation without really asking anything in return, so if your Virgo guy is constantly catering to you without ever needing anything from you, he probably likes you. Virgos tend to be great gift-givers as a rule, like the other Earth signs, but Virgos tend to go all out with gifts that are actually acts of service.

2 Sagittarius: He’ll Show You His Deeper, Philosophical Side

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Sagittarius guys tend to be more comfortable with a casual relationship, so chances are you won’t be able to figure out if he likes you based on whether he’s shown a physical interest with you because he can do that with anyone. It might actually be really hard for you to read his tells in this case just because he treats everyone the same: he’s not going to raise you up above everyone else in his life. However, there is one huge flag to look out for: whether he opens up to you intellectually. He’s not the type to open up to others in that way unless he genuinely has a feeling that the person they’re talking to is special. A Sagittarius guy is all about being casual and fooling around when it comes to other people, but if you’re someone special to him, he’s going to take things really slow with you. If they’re looking for something serious, they’re not going to play around.

1 Pisces: He’ll Try And Ghost You But Won’t Be Able To Resist Staying Away From You

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Pisces guys tend to be the most romantic guys you’ll ever meet. These are the guys who will stare into your eyes and make you feel like you’re the only two people in the whole world. They won’t mince words with you and will be there for you through thick and thin. The big problem with this is that they’re only this way when they’re in a relationship. Before that, they’re so scared of confessing their feelings that they’d rather ghost out on you than jump into something and get hurt. Pisces guys are always afraid that they’ll fall for someone who doesn’t take love as seriously as they do, so they tend to run away. Unfortunately for their master plan, that almost never works for them. They’ll never ghost for long: they’ll end up gravitating back to you soon enough. If you’re looking to get with a Pisces guy, don’t worry so much about the push and pull of him gravitating to you only to push you away. Eventually, they’ll come around.

The Type Of Boyfriend You’re Not Meant To Marry, According To Your Zodiac Sign

The over-thinkers among us have all done it before: pictured walking down the aisle with a guy we’ve just started dating. And the longer you actually stay with someone, the more likely you are to start thinking seriously about marriage, but sometimes, marriage isn’t always the way long-term relationships end up. Even when you think you’ve found a catch, you might find that however great that person is, you won’t find a happily ever after with them.

This is always painful and shocking to discover, especially if you did picture yourself walking down the aisle and ending up with a certain person for good. Nothing will make it easy or painless, but the more you understand what kind of spouse you’re looking for, the less likely you are to waste time with people that just aren’t suited for you.

Our zodiac signs have something to do with whom we’re compatible with, and the kind of person we’re best suited to end up with, whether that includes marriage or not. There are always exceptions to the rule, of course, but knowing a little about your sign can help you look for someone who really suits you, rather than someone who seems like a good idea, but won’t make you happy.

Read on to find out what sort of boyfriend you aren’t totally suited to marry, according to your sign.

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15 Aries Should Steer Clear Of Marrying Men Who Have Tempers As Fiery As Hers


When you have a short temper, the last thing you want to do is tie yourself to someone who has one too. Sure, they might understand you more when you do flip out on them, but there would just be too many explosions to make a happy home—it’d be a bit like a single mine setting off every other one in a minefield.

For this reason, Aries should think twice about settling down with someone who has a fiery temper like hers. Of course, it can work if this is who you’ve fallen in love with, but this constant head-butting could pose huge problems for a marriage or long-term relationship. There would just be no peace, which would lead to resentment and unhappiness. Fire needs to be fought with water, not more fire.

14 A Drama King Is The Last Person Taurus Needs To End Up With


Some people are natural drama kings or queens, and there’s nothing they can do about it. There are those out there who are genuinely attracted to this and could even use a little extra drama in their lives. Taurus, however, is not one of those people.

Taurus is at her most calm when everything is going according to plan and there are no unnecessary complications. A drama king—someone who likes to make things a bigger deal than they are, emphasize every negative detail and prolong issues so they don’t get resolved—will probably cut a lot of years off the life of Taurus in the long run. She just wants to be carefree and happy, and constantly being pulled in to other people’s BS stresses her out too much to be worth it.

13 Marriage Probably Wouldn’t Last Between Chatty Gemini And The Quiet Guy Next Door


Problems can arise when you settle down with someone who’s your exact twin in every way; when people are too similar, they tend to get into conflict a lot. But at the same time, people can also be too different to be compatible. With a strong sign like Gemini, that’s definitely the case.

Gemini loves to talk more than anything and is a textbook example of an extrovert. She will get to know anyone and feels frustrated, lonely and bored when she goes too long without interacting with new people. So you can see why she probably won’t find happiness with someone who coils up at the thought of talking to lots of people! Gemini is much better suited to someone who can nurture her need to be the center of the action.

12 Cancer Shouldn’t Marry The Man Who’s Obsessed With His Career


There are few people who can stand to be married to a workaholic. With her sensitive feelings, hunger for emotional connection and focus on family life, a Cancer girl is one such sign who should avoid getting too serious to someone who’s career-obsessed.

You get a lot of good things in return when you shack up with a Cancer—this sign is the most nurturing in the zodiac and will rush to look after anyone. She is overly concerned with how other people feel, and while she may appear cold at first, she’s actually warm and loving in her center. But one way to ignite her wrath is to be insensitive, distant or distracted from her. Someone who’s concerned with their job over their family or is too busy to sit down and ask about their partner’s day is not a good choice for Cancer.

11 There Would Be A Lot Of Crazy Fights In A Marriage Between Leo And An Alpha Male


The alpha male always has to wear the pants. He’s the kind of guy that loves to be the boss, won’t be told what to do, and won’t stand for having his power or authority challenged. While some people are attracted to this sort of person, others are totally incompatible with him. A Leo girl, in particular, is such a bad match for the alpha male because she has to be the boss in a relationship, which will lead to major conflict.

Leo is one of the strongest signs of the zodiac. Incredibly charismatic, she likes to have everyone looking at her, can handle an obscene amount of pressure and is never afraid to say what’s on her mind. She can be egotistical, meaning that she doesn’t like to be put in her place by anyone, especially an alpha male who thinks he’s the boss of the house.

10 Leo Doesn’t Need An Alpha Male, But She Also Doesn’t Need An Introvert


We can’t see Leo being too happy in a committed relationship with an alpha male, but we also can’t see her finding fulfillment with a serious introvert. While she can’t be with someone too similar to herself, she also shouldn’t try to force a marriage with someone who’s so distinct from her that they’re just living in different worlds from each other!

This is one sign who loves to be out doing things. She loves parties, loves to socialize and thrives on the attention she gets from others. Things could get awkward if she settles down with someone who doesn’t want to come to any of the parties, hates being stared at and often needs quiet time alone. She won’t understand them, they won’t understand her, and chaos will follow.

9 If A Guy Has No Ambitions And Is Just Floating Through Life, He Should Stay Out Of Virgo’s Way


Perhaps the most ambitious of the whole lot, Virgo probably won’t last long with someone who has no ambitions. Though she can be competitive, Virgo is one of those signs who is better off with somebody who mirrors her qualities rather than someone who’s basically come from a different planet.

Virgo is the type to overthink things and will definitely notice if the person she’s with doesn’t have any goals. She’s a hard-worker, always has a plan and prefers to overachieve and excel than just get by (not to mention she’s very hard on herself) so she more than likely won’t understand or relate to someone who’s happy to do bare the minimum. Virgo is also a stressed-out sign as it is, and being with someone she feels is just plodding along would just about send her to the therapist’s lounge.

8 Libra Will Ultimately Feel Unfulfilled In A Marriage With Someone Who’s Afraid Of Romance


Romance in incredibly important to Libra. Love means everything to this sign—she’s the type to dream about her soulmate, plan her wedding from the age of 10 and think of Valentine’s Day as her favorite day of the year. So she could end up feeling pretty unsatisfied if she marries or settles down with someone who won’t have a bar of any of that.

Not all of us are romantic and sentimental, and that’s okay. But if you are one of those people who think with your head, doesn’t believe in true love and only wants to get married because it’s what people in our society do, then don’t get attached to a Libra. She needs someone who will plan great romantic gestures, take her on surprise dates and tell her how he really feels about her.

7 A Flirty Husband Will Just Leave Scorpio Feeling Jealous And Enraged


Watching your spouse flirt can leave you with a sour feeling, whether you know they’re just joking or your marriage is hanging by a thread. But when a Scorpio catches her partner having a flirt, everybody in the vicinity should run for cover… they should change the saying to hell hath no fury like a Scorpio scorned.

Scorpio is simply the most jealous sign of the zodiac. Even if it’s just a joke, she doesn’t like watching her partner getting too close to someone else. Since some people don’t see anything wrong with an innocent flirt or having lots of friends, the best solution would be for these kinds of people to avoid getting serious with a Scorpio. This sign needs somebody who’s completely loyal, and who doesn’t give her a reason to ever suspect otherwise.

6 Scorpio Is Also Too Passionate To Be With Someone Who Is Emotionally Unavailable


In addition to being the most jealous sign of the zodiac, Scorpio also happens to be one of the most emotional. Though her version of emotional tends to come across in a more aggressive way than Libra’s or Cancer’s, she still has a lot of feelings that can easily get hurt. In order to stay emotionally fulfilled, Scorpio would be best advised to marry someone who is emotionally available.

Even though Scorpio is a hugely physical sign, there has to be more to her relationships than just this. She needs someone who will be there for her emotionally, ready to talk about deep and meaningful things. If he can’t do this, Scorpio could end up feeling very frustrated and may even grow to be a tad resentful.

5 A Man Who Is Looking To Settle Down Too Soon Will Make Sagittarius Feel Like She’s Trapped


Carefree and agreeable, Sagittarius doesn’t need to be with someone who’s emotionally intense or focused on her. Unlike other signs, she isn’t looking for someone to accompany her to fabulous parties, to dedicate themselves to her and declare their love for her or swear their undying loyalty to her. This sign is actually pretty easy to please! The only thing she really needs is for her partner to not make her feel trapped.

One sure-fire way to make Sagittarius feel trapped is to put pressure on her to settle down. We all want different things in life, and if a guy is determined to find a wife, get married and have babies as soon as he can, he isn’t that suited to being the life partner of Sagittarius.

4 Freeloaders Are Attracted To Capricorn, But They Won’t Make Her Happy In The Long Run


We would advise all the signs to steer clear of freeloaders and gold diggers. Capricorn, in particular, seems to be a target for them, since she usually does so well in her career. And Capricorn might enjoy dating someone who relies on her in this way because it makes her feel proud of herself to be in the position where she can help someone else. It also makes her feel more accomplished and successful, which makes her day.

But when it comes to settling down with and marrying people like this, Capricorn should watch out. There will come a day when she looks back and appreciates how hard she’s actually worked for everything she has, and then she will feel more used than anything by her dependent partner.

3 Anybody Who’s Clingy Or Needy In Any Way Will Make Aquarius Want Out Of The Marriage


A clingy person probably won’t last long by Aquarius’s side. This sign is interesting to get to know and can take her partner on adventures beyond their wildest dreams, but she can feel smothered very easily. She usually prefers being single to being in relationships because of this, and the moment that anybody starts to rely on her or attach themselves to her, she feels like she has to run away.

If Aquarius feels like she’s trapped in a marriage or long-term relationship with someone who turns out to be a stage-five clinger, she could get very panicked. It’s an accident waiting to happen, so in most cases, it’s better to just avoid this. This sign is much better suited to someone who can respect her space and not rely on her for too much.

2 Pisces Is Too Much Of A Dreamer To Be With A Man Who Won’t Bring Her Down To Earth

Unlike other signs, Pisces usually benefits from getting serious with someone who’s the opposite of her. This sign tends to love fantasy and can spend quite a bit of time indulging in daydreams. While there’s nothing wrong with that, she usually functions at her best when her partner helps to bring her down to earth, just a touch.

The thing with Pisces is that she isn’t just a dreamer; she actually has the potential to bring her dreams to fruition. But because she can get carried away with her fantasies, sometimes she just needs that presence in her life that will snap her out of it and encourage her to actually pursue her aspirations in the physical world. If she marries someone who just lets her dream, she might dream her life away.

1 Since Pisces Is Also An Optimist, She Won’t Last Long With A Brutal Dream Crusher


At the same time, Pisces is too sensitive and fragile to be with someone who’s a total dream crusher! She probably shouldn’t get serious with someone who is just as away with the fairies as she is, but she also doesn’t need a pessimistic warden who will mock her for her dreams.

Some people tend to lean more toward a pessimistic way of thinking, can be quite insensitive to the goals and aspirations of others, and have no problem tearing other people down. This kind of partner will end up killing Pisces’ spirit, robbing her of her creative flair and possibly pressuring her into a life she doesn’t want, which will make her sad. And the thought of a sad Pisces is too much to handle! For best results, Pisces should avoid marrying these kinds of people.

Here’s How You’re Pushing Him Away (Without Realizing It), Based On Your Sign

We have all experienced a situation where we are dating a guy and he pulls back and starts losing interest. It stings but it happens to the best of us. Each zodiac sign as little quirks about them that your potential boyfriend can either tolerate or walk away from. That decision is made on his own accord, and you have to have the dignity to let him walk away. Painful rejections are hard, but they are a part of life. The silver lining to all of this is that you can learn a lesson or two and take it as a time for some self-reflection.

It is better to find out what your flaws are sooner rather than later if you want to improve yourself in your dating and personal life. The way you interact with people always has room for improvement in different regards. Maybe you are too aggressive or maybe you are too passive. There is something about your personality that just doesn’t click with him. If you find that the guy your dating isn’t texting you back or his interest is fading, read on to find out more about why. Here is how you might be pushing him away, based on your zodiac sign.

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16 Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): They Tend To Have Big Egos


Out of all of the elements in the zodiac, fire is the only one with the ability to sparkle on its own. Fire represents energy itself so, therefore, people who have fire signs are said to be the most energetic and robust. These are the types that love to seize the day and look at everything with optimism. However, these signs also need a lot of praise because they place a high value on their egos and need to be told how great they are. People love them because of their upbeat personalities, but they can also be high maintenance because they like to be the center of attention. They need to feel like they are important and that people think highly of them. When they don’t feel that, there tends to be drama.

15 Aries: It’s All About “Me, Me, Me”

Aries women are headstrong and vivacious at the same time. This excites a lot of guys and makes them think that this girl is a complete firecracker. That is until they start to have a real conversation about them in order to get to know them. Since Aries people have a strong sense of self, they usually only want to talk, well…about themselves. Rather than asking people questions and trying to get some information about their life, Aries ladies want to make it all about themselves. It is not that they are trying to be obnoxious, but because they are so focused on their personal interests. Try asking him some questions about his life and act like you are interested in him as a person. You will come off as self-absorbed and full of yourself if you only talk about you.

14 Leo: Constantly Seeking The Spotlight Could Leave People In The Dark


Leo ladies are the life of the party and like it when people congregate around them. It is hard to pull away a Leo in a crowd because they are too busy mixing it up with as many as possible. They are full of social charm and people like to be around them which is what makes Leos so special. It can frustrate guys when they feel like they will never get any one-on-one time with you because you want all eyes on you. Out of all the signs, Leos need the most praise and to be told that they are great. If that wanes, they will seek attention elsewhere. You are the first in line for karaoke but sometimes the last to be asked out because guys just don’t want to deal with the competition.

13 Sagittarius: Some Words May Cut Like A Knife


Sagittarians don’t really have a filter when it comes to what they think and what they say. They are so incredibly blunt that their words often hurt people and they don’t realize that they are smashing someone’s feelings to smithereens. It is best for a Sag lady to watch what she says and make sure that she isn’t going to offend someone in the process. On the other hand, if you can dish it then you should be able to take it. If a guy has a thick skin, he could possibly see past your bluntness and tolerate it, get ready for him to give it right back to you. Some guys are just a little put off if a girl acts too sassy.

12 Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): Might Want To Reconsider The Materialistic Mindset


Earth signs live in the physical world and they like to try to materialize their desires into reality. These can make for ambitious and resourceful people, but sometimes they get too wrapped up in things and not enough with the people in their lives. They work hard and put their money where their mouth is. Men can find this intimidating and even off-putting if he is seeing a girl who needs material things to make her happy. This can make him feel inadequate or just look at you as if you were shallow. They can get stuck in their own ways and have rigid habits that are hard to break once it becomes routine. Earth signs can also be stingy and unwilling to compromise out of their comfort zone.

11 Taurus: You Don’t Always Take Care Of Yourself As Much As You Should

Heart Touching Fashion

Taurus women can be lazy and stubborn. You love to have your Netflix and chill time just lounging around and doing nothing. A big focus for this sign is comfort. This is alright until it gets to the point where you just stop caring and start letting yourself go. No guy wants to date a slob. Taurus women actually look naturally beautiful without having to wear too much makeup. When you want to, you clean up nice but you have to care enough to put a little effort into it. Taurus women can have a hard time maintaining a guy’s interest if he is the type that likes to be out and about. So many born under this sign don’t like to leave the house because they would rather just do a lot of nothing than go out and live life.

10 Virgo: A Finicky And Neurotic Perspective Isn’t Always Best


Virgo women are perfectionists and like to focus on the little details rather than looking at the whole picture. If your man isn’t doing something that you want him to do, you have no problem telling about it so much to the point of nagging. Those born under this sign can be high strung and become wiggy when things are not going exactly as planned. Guys hate it when their girlfriends are all up in their business making them feel like they just can’t do anything right. You can be overly critical and judgmental when someone’s views or what they are wearing just doesn’t make any sense to you. People love you because you are practical but sometimes, there simply isn’t a cut and dry, logical answer to everything.

9 Capricorn: Caring Only About Status Should Be Avoided


The sign of Capricorn symbolizes the goat who is always trying to climb the highest mountain, no matter what obstacles are in the way. They want the best out of life and they want to reap the rewards that they have worked so hard for. Capricorns are the most likely to date a man who is powerful or have an affair with their boss in order to further their career. These women can possibly get a reputation for being gold diggers. Guys might feel like they are either A) being used by you or B) that they are simply just not good enough to date you. As strong and ambitious as you are, sometimes you need to get off of your high horse and not come off as so pretentious.

8 Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Tend To Enjoy Instigating Drama


Air signs are the most flexible element in the entire zodiac. When you think about how air works, it can float around and blend in anywhere. It can evaporate and detach easily from place to place. Those born under this element love to talk and engage in social activities. They tend to be involved in social groups and communities where they can roam free and engage in as much conversation as possible. This could lead them to gossip and talk negatively about others. They have a way of pushing people’s buttons just to see what kind of reaction that they can get out of them. Though you rarely see an air sign in the middle of a fight, you can certainly find out who started the drama in the first place. If the guy you are dating catches on to that, they will get turned off.

7 Gemini: Pay Attention To Not Talking Over Him (And Actually Listening When It’s Your Turn)

We Heart It

Geminis are engaging and adorable to talk to. They always have something witty and thought-provoking to say. This is how guys are initially attracted to you. You are approachable and easy to talk to. Then when they keep talking to you, they soon realize that they can never get a word in because you talk over them. Talking to a Gemini can be like watching someone flip channels through a TV so rapidly, that you don’t even know what is going on. Geminis can jump from subject to subject since their minds move so fast, making them almost impossible to keep up with. This can be frustrating because a guy might feel like you are just going to twist his words against him or just not actually listen to what he has to say.

6 Libra: Displaying More Loyalty Should Be A Priority


You can always spot a Libra because they have that gleam in their eye and that million dollar smile. You love to ask people questions about themselves and it feels good talking to you. Sometimes you feed off that attention so much that you start to flirt with people at inappropriate times and places. If you are dating a guy and meeting his good-looking best friend for the first time, you are liable to flirt with him right in front of bae. That doesn’t make him feel too good about you and the relationship in general. He might be thinking, “is she is willing to do this around me, then I don’t even want to know what she will do when she is not around me.”

5 Aquarius: Watch Out For Condescending Behaviors

Where To Get

Aquarians are educated and know how to delve into subjects that stimulate intellectual conversation. What everyone loves about you guys is that you treat everyone the same and you don’t really care about status. However, some Aquarians have a tendency to believe that they are smarter than everyone else. If a guy is trying to talk to you about something that he is curious about, you have no problem telling him how little he knows about that subject and how much you do. Just remember that no guy likes to be talked down to, especially by a potential girlfriend. Let him have his opinions and respect the fact that just because they are not the same as yours, doesn’t make them inferior. He is an intelligent human being too.

4 Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): Sometimes, Emotions Cloud Their Judgement


Water signs are intuitive and can read people based on body language and “vibes” that they give out. They can also be too sensitive or emotional when something upsets them. Even if they have every right to be upset about something, water signs don’t always react in the most rational way. This is because they are ruled by their emotions and instinct rather than their logic. It is not to say that they don’t have logic at all, it’s just that when they get emotional, their rational judgment becomes too flooded. To a potential boyfriend, it would seem like you are overreacting or acting too distant for no reason. This is usually when he does something to make you mad and it goes unmentioned.

3 Cancer: Getting Overly Affectionate Too Soon Could Lead To Problems

We Heart It

Cancer women are caring and nurturing when they are in a relationship. At first, this makes your guy feel special and adored by you. After a while, it can come off as needy and insecure. Cancers like to have all the time of their partners and can have a hard time giving their guy space. A guy telling you that he needs some alone time can spark some insecurity and can send you into mood swings. You might jump to conclusions that he doesn’t really like you enough or that he is on the prowl for someone else. In reality, he is probably just running some errands or going to the gym. Your need for comfort and your partner’s presence at all times can be so overwhelming at times to the point where he feels smothered.

2 Scorpio: You Don’t Get Mad, You Get Even


Scorpio women like to suppress their feelings and emotion. They don’t like giving people the satisfaction of knowing that they got under their skin. Nothing drives a Scorpio crazier than when someone knows that they are making them mad and starts taunting them for it. Rather than showing their temper or having an angry outburst, they would rather just plot revenge. Getting even makes them feel satisfied but it is toxic in a relationship. You need to be more verbal about what is on your mind rather than just dropping passive-aggressive hints and hoping that he just eventually figures it out. He will be able to tell that you are not happy with him by the way that you treat him and the fact that you don’t look like you are having a good time.

1 Pisces: Playing The Victim Doesn’t Get Anyone Anywhere


Pisces people are afraid of confrontation or looking the like the bad person. They have a way of making people feel guilty when they haven’t even done anything wrong in the first place. Pisces women can get a kick out of everyone else seeing how horribly your boyfriend is treating you and seeing you as the victim. In reality, your boyfriend is just doing something that you don’t approve of for some silly reason so that must make him the bad guy. People born under this sign are extremely sensitive and their reactions to situations can make them seem like they are self-pitying. Learn how to solve your own problems rather than expecting your man to fix everything for you. Otherwise, you are going to be the cause of a lot of frustration.

The City You’re Meant To Live In, Based On Your Zodiac Sign (His & Hers)

When we look to the stars for guidance, we follow the principle of As Above, So Below. As the stars map out our destinies and shape the forces that flow through our lives, we should be open to this endless source of energy and inspiration. We are living during a time when the world is more accessible than ever, and with that comes the possibility of exposure to a myriad of cultures and histories that tell stories as complex as we are.

Certain cities have certain energies that resonate strongly with our signs. Not everyone is built to make it in New York in the same way that not everybody is destined to spend their whole lives in rural Finland. If you have the means to travel, you should prioritize that over anything else.

While the stars that shape the undercurrents of our lives will burn forever, our own lives are short. We don’t have eternity to access every beautiful thing on the planet, but we can do our best to find places where ourselves and our surroundings can complement each other. Being open to moving and relocating means setting clear goals and understanding how your strengths and weaknesses can influence your success in unison with the qualities influenced by your sign. Are you searching for comfort or action? Are you looking to settle into a routine, or do you want every day to be an adventure?

Here are 24 different cities meant for the men and women of each sign. We hope you’re down for the adventure!

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24 Aries Women: Miami, Florida

Imagine all the creative energy that Camila Cabello put into Havana but replace Cuba with Florida. Also, I’m pretty sure every single person in Miami has a cousin in Havana anyway. Miami is like another world. Big houses, palm trees, glass skyscrapers built right up against the beaches, DJ Khaled gently floating by on a jet ski. Miami is similar to Orange County in many ways, but the energy is both more Latin and ambitious – it’s still the east coast after all. Miami can be very cliquey and at first it might feel impossible to find your niche in a city full of extremely beautiful people, but Aries women are known for being courageous and passionate. Pretty soon you’ll be speaking Spanish as if your imaginary abuela taught you herself.

23 Aries Men: Bangkok, Thailand

Legally, as an Aries, you need to be surrounded by hundreds of people at all times. You need the opposite of a restraining order. A city like Bangkok, a bustling capital with amazing weather and loaded with people, is the perfect complement to the lingering sense of impatience that drives a lot of your decisions. Bangkok is weirdly affordable for a city of its size, and absolutely full of amazing shopping, food, and nightlife. You’ll never have to sleep again. Don’t worry about not fitting into Thai culture – Thais are friendly and well educated, and Bangkok is always host to a myriad of foreigners. Even if you can’t manage to make Bangkok your forever home, you’ll be missing the night markets and cafes before you’ve even left.

22 Taurus Women: Reykjavik, Iceland

If you’ve noticed everybody and their mother has traveled to Iceland this year, you’re definitely not alone. The country has been stepping up its tourism industry in order to boost the economy, and while immigrating to Iceland is incredibly difficult, Reykjavik is worth the trouble. Because the country is so small, you can get anywhere in hardly any time at all. As a Taurus, Reykjavik suits your reliable and pragmatic nature. It’s small, everyone knows each other, and everyone knows where they fit into society. Reykjavik has the added benefit of being surrounded by beautiful nature and full of adorable colorful buildings. While the landscape of Iceland can seem kind of mossy and hostile, it can actually be very calming – perfect for a Taurus who might be easily stressed. Visit Reykjavik ASAP and start looking for your new home!

21 Taurus Men: Denver, Colorado

On the flipside, a Taurus guy might need to address his practicality in a different way. A Taurus man needs to set himself up for a life of reliability and levelheadedness. That mostly means a house in the suburbs of a decent-sized city, a good vehicle, the trajectory towards starting a family and enjoying every major sports league there is. Denver has all of this for you and more. Although Denver has experienced heavy growth in the past 50 years, the city has preserved much of its older architecture, causing its core to have an eclectic mix of modern skyscrapers and Victorian lofts full of art spaces and condos. The proximity to the Rockies means skiing is obligatory, but even if that’s not your thing, there’s definitely a decent amount of other activities.

20 Gemini Women: Montréal, Québec

Uh-oh, Ms. Gemini. This city might be a challenge for you. Why? Because while it’s the second-largest French-speaking city in the world after Paris, it’s only a 1-hour flight from New York. Montréal is the perfect city to indulge in your curiosity. It’s a point of conjunction between French and English North American culture which permeates the entire city. It’s affordable, accessible, and full of young people – there are 4 major universities in close proximity to each other alongside a million smaller colleges. The food is amazing, with new restaurants opening every week, and the nightlife is literally to die for. Gemini women are adaptable, which means learning a new language will be a walk in the park for somebody like you. It helps that Montrealers are allowed to drink wine in their many parks too.

19 Gemini Men: San Francisco, California

As a Gemini man, your resourcefulness and adaptability can be applied similarly to a different circumstance. The tech industry in San Francisco is booming, showing no signs of slowing down, which is what makes it perfect for somebody with your skillset – or the capacity to develop the necessary skill set that would allow you to succeed in this city. Never mind the beautiful architecture, amazing food, that enormous famous bridge – San Francisco is the perfect city for you to live your best life simply because you’re up to the challenge. It’s pretty common for people in San Francisco to live with roommates because rent is so expensive, but take this as an opportunity to meet new people at a similar place in their lives to yours.

18 Cancer Women: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo is literally the biggest city ever. Actually, that’s a lie. It’s the 13th biggest city ever, but you’d never be able to tell by being there. It just goes on forever. You could spend your whole life there and discover something new every day. Because the city is so big, its art scene is active and bountiful. As a Cancer woman, you need the crowds and competitiveness to balance your tenacity. You are artistic, loyal, and driven, which is why Sao Paulo is perfect for you. You will never have any shortage of inspiration for anything you create. You could meet the Brazilian man of your dreams, and if it doesn’t work out, it’s extremely improbable you’ll ever see him again. You know, because of the size and everything.

17 Cancer Men: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cancer men, while suffering from the least appealing astrological sign name, benefit from their place in the stars through their persuasiveness. Cancer men are also a bit temperamental. For this reason, a city like Buenos Aires is perfect for you. Like Sao Paulo, the city is absolutely enormous. Unlike Sao Paulo, you will probably still run into your ex, depending which neighborhoods you frequent. There is also a beach. Argentina has an insane cultural history, which is awesome for Cancers who need to be where the action is. People often remark that Buenos Aires is very European, which is true! Its buildings recall colonial Spain while the accent inflicted on their particular brand of Spanish has a very Italian flare. You truly cannot miss out on this city. There’s nowhere else like it.

16 Leo Women: Berlin, Germany

Creative types have been flocking to Berlin for years! They’re only missing you, Ms. Leo. While Germans are often stereotyped as being brazenly cold, this couldn’t be less true. While Germans value politeness and decorum, they are also extremely accommodating and kind – all of these qualities being shared by Leos. Berlin is perfect for you because it’s a sort of mecca for hipsters and artists. While German food leaves much to be desired, Berlin is full of doner kebab shops that are as affordable as they are delicious. You’ll never need to eat a vegetable again. But if you must, the vegan culinary scene is pretty lit for somewhere that’s not Southern California. Let yourself cultivate warmth and creativity in an environment that can support you – Berlin is your perfect match.

15 Leo Men: Copenhagen, Denmark

I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen a Danish girl, but for some reason, they’re very beautiful. Everybody in Copenhagen is very beautiful, actually. Copenhagen is a sort of cultural midway point between Germany and Sweden, erring a bit more on the Scandinavian side while retaining a distinctly Germanic feel in its creative elements. As prices climb in Berlin, many artists are moving to Copenhagen in order to save. Copenhagen is chock full of beautiful streets and amazing architecture, as well as museums and galleries. As a Leo guy, the warmth of Denmark will draw you right in. One of the biggest buzzwords of this last year, Hygge, is a Danish word used to describe the comfort and warmth they cultivate – something Danes take quite seriously! Let yourself give in to Hygge and get yourself to Copenhagen ASAP.

14 Virgo Women: London, England

Virgo women are analytical, hard-working, and loyal. London is at the center of the western world, one of the most competitive job and housing markets. You would fit right in. Once the novelty of the usual sights and sounds has worn off – Big Ben, the London Eye, fried things – you’ll be able to settle into a routine that never gets boring. The restaurants in London are to die for, and while there are new ones opening all the time, London also has the benefit of having dozens of tried and true spots that have been open for literally a hundred years. You’ll also be able to reward your hard work with amazing shopping. Once you discover a niche in the city, you’ll find that while there are new things to discover every single day, you won’t have any trouble calling London home.

13 Virgo Men: Chicago, Illinois

Wait, isn’t Chicago really dangerous? Don’t they have all those shootings? Yeah, but don’t worry. Chicago is a beautiful city that is sort of like New York meets Cleveland – it’s huge, full of culture, but the people are slightly nicer. Except for the gun people. Hard sell? Stick to the “Hipster Guides” that list every single cool business and neighborhood so you’ll never set foot in the wrong place. Built right up on the shores of Lake Michigan, it sort of looks like Chicago is snuggled right up against the sea. It’s pretty beautiful, even in winter, and the canal that wraps through downtown is the next best place to take a picture of yourself beside the Bean. Like London, Chicago housing can be extremely expensive, but with your drive and stamina, you will be able to work something out. It’s not New York, after all.

12 Libra Women: Los Angeles, California

Libra Ladies! It’s finally time to pack up your life and move to LA. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Birkenstock wearing hippie who loves yoga or a fake blonde who loves Migos and spending all of your money on Uber, LA is perfect for you. As a Libra, you have the capacity to be cooperative and social. Los Angeles is not the kind of city where you can thrive by yourself, but it’s large and spread out enough to lose yourself if you’re not careful. That’s why you need a solid group of friends and a regular brunch schedule. The West Coast is truly the best coast. Even if you might find you tend to be reluctant to try new things, growing more comfortable with some routines as you grow older yourself give in to the chillness that permeates all of California. Maybe have a green juice.

11 Libra Men: New York City, New York

If nothing else, Libra men are diplomatic. They are also motivated and ambitious. While so many of these cities are befitting to people who thrive under competition, none of them present as much of a challenge as New York. New York isn’t really the center of the world, but you’d never know that by being there. As a Libra, your careful planning and insider knowledge will help you find the resources in New York that will help you stick out and succeed. You won’t fall victim to any mishaps that happen to the usual kinds who up-and-relocate to New York to start over (Hannah Horvath wasn’t a Libra and look what happened to her), so work the city to your advantage. You’re one of the few signs who can do this, and while you might not immediately view yourself as having the qualities of a leader, you’re strong enough to make it.

10 Scorpio Women: Moscow, Russia

Scorpio women are mysterious, secretive, and a little bit stubborn. As a country, Russia is all of these things. Plus, Moscow is actually pretty gorgeous, and so is everyone who lives there. The thing a lot of people don’t realize about Moscow is that while it’s technically a European city, cultural attitudes are very different than North America and Western Europe. The people of Moscow have friendly and warm interiors underneath intimidating fur wrapped exteriors, which is why you’d fit right in. Just make sure you brush up on your Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky, don’t mention anything about the Olympics, and get used to the idea of wearing more fur than anyone in America would be comfortable with.

9 Scorpio Men: Cape Town, South Africa

For Scorpio men, there’s no better place in the world to be than the other side of it from their female Scorpio counterparts. Contrary to Moscow, Cape Town is always sunny and pretty diverse. As The Guardian pointed out, calling Cape Town “European” doesn’t do justice to the coming together of different cultures, languages, and people. So what makes Cape Town the perfect city for the Scorpio male? Romance. If you find that your relationships tend to start with intensity before fizzling out, Cape Town is a great place to enjoy the relaxed culture around dating. You can be loyal and you crave loyalty, but you can’t be chained down. Cape Town represents the unity of African history and progress. You might be tempted by logic to not dip your toe in, but the city is literally calling your name.

8 Sagittarius Women: Paris, France

As a Sagittarius, you are idealistic above everything else. What better city for the idealist than Paris? Paris Syndrome is a phenomenon experienced by Japanese tourists who visit Paris with an idealized notion of the city in their minds, only to become distraught when they realize that Paris shares the qualities of many normal cities: transit problems, garbage, smog. While you could use your time in Paris to get back in touch with whatever reality you’re floating away from, you are also capable of taking the experience and turning it into something valuable. You will find beauty in places that most people who visit Paris will miss. You will find romance sprouting up in truly unexpected places. It’s a perfect city to learn about yourself and grow in every possible way. It’s also great for Instagram.

7 Sagittarius Men: Tokyo, Japan

Mr. Sagittarius is funny but impatient. You need to be moving all the time. You are most comfortable sleeping while the world races around you. Totally understandable. There probably isn’t anywhere better for this than Tokyo. A city of almost 40 million people, you can lose yourself in the action daily without moving a muscle. The food is cheap, the nightlife is fantastic, and you’re bound to meet amazing people on every corner. Surround yourself with pretty lights and never sleep again. Once you tap into the energy that pushes you to go, go, go, you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else that can match your pace. Maybe you’ll find love in Tokyo, maybe you’ll have a series of brief but lively affairs. Just don’t forget to slow down sometimes, just to stop and smell the ramen.

6 Capricorn Women: Stockholm, Sweden

Capricorn, I totally understand you. It’s hard to see yourself reflected in so many horoscopes because you have a certain complexity that’s hard to pin down. So does Stockholm. When wandering around Ikea and taking bites of Swedish meatballs and jam doesn’t do enough to transport you any more, pack your bag ASAP! You need the real thing. You are a person who is reasonable and disciplined, and you will probably find Scandinavian social habits to be very comfortable. Nobody will stand too close to you, but your new friends will be receptive to your curiosity and desire to discover Stockholm. Take the time to cultivate a sense of Lagom, the Swedish counterpart to Danish Hygge, and enjoy chocolates and coffee like you never have before. Stockholm is the perfect city for anybody with introverted tendencies. Just bring a jacket!

5 Capricorn Men: Oslo, Norway

Capricorn dudes are similarly disposed to Scandinavian tendencies of politeness and manners. But because men have more difficulty understanding their own emotions, and because Capricorns tend to operate within their own logical framework, you would somewhere just slightly more low-key than Stockholm. Welcome to Oslo! Immerse yourself in coffee, Vikings, and architecture. There’s almost nowhere else where the severity of Scandinavian landscape meets modern architecture so beautifully, but Oslo and its surrounding area are full of this. Oslo is notoriously expensive, but Norwegians are amongst Europe’s richest. With that comes a wealth of culture that often flies under the radar against its more prevalent Swedish neighbour (we’ve already touched on Ikea!). If nothing else about Oslo entices you, consider this: Norwegian women are very beautiful, very educated, and very smart. See you there.

4 Aquarius Women: Dublin, Ireland

There is so much more to Ireland than beer and rolling hills. Dublin is a dynamic city full of friendly people. While London across the Irish Sea is bustling at all hours of the day and night, Dublin is its underrated chill cousin. It’s big enough to have the feel of a proper city, a central jumping off point for the rest of Europe, but small enough to not be overwhelming and claustrophobic. Aquarius women are independent and progressive, and cities like Dublin are good for nurturing a progressive spirit. Among the old buildings and cobblestone streets are amazing restaurants, both traditional and ultra-modern, and a bustling cultural scene that does not fail to entertain. Dubliners are notoriously friendly. All it would take to make Dublin your home is an open mind, the desire to make friends, and a profound appreciation for curry fries.

3 Aquarius Men: Portland, Oregon

We get it, Mr. Aquarius. You need to get up and get out, move to where the action is. But you want a specific kind of action, the kind that involves art shows in peoples’ basements. You read the Date a Girl Who Reads essay a while ago and decided to make that your mantra. But you don’t want to just date a girl who reads – you need to date a vegan amateur tattoo artist who teaches Zumba and writes. This is why Portland is perfect for you. It’s far enough from LA to have seasons while hanging on to that West Coast chillness factor that brings people in droves. Portland is kind of like a weird in-between world where it seems like people don’t really grow up, but as an Aquarius, you’re not really materialistic and would blossom somewhere that’s not too competitive.

2 Pisces Women: Providence, Rhode Island

The best city for a Pisces woman to live is actually quite small, but near a bunch of major American cities to stop you from feeling too lost. Providence is a beautiful New England city with a gorgeous waterfront and amazing historical architecture. The city is rich with American history and full of amazing, beautiful homes. Why Providence? Because Pisces women are compassionate and gentle. Providence is actually pretty diverse for New England, and there’s plenty of opportunities to give back to the community and participate in its rich culture. When you’re tired of the amazing buildings and gorgeously stocked museums, the sea is a short drive away. There is nothing that can calm the sensitivity of a Pisces girl like a calm breeze rolling off the Atlantic.

1 Pisces Men: Vancouver, British Columbia

Pisces men, while as compassionate and gentle and their female counterparts, tend to err more on the escapist and imaginative side of things. You are a very intuitive guy. Although it is one of the most expensive cities in Canada in terms of cost of living, Vancouver is the perfect city for you. Its downtown core is extremely beautiful while being close to the water and close to the mountains. The tall buildings are made of beautiful glass that reflects the sky in its unique Vancouver way. You need to balance your career ambitions with good food, good drinks, and amazing coffee – all of which Vancouver has in spades. When you’re sick of the hustle and bustle, you can pop out of the city and climb up to any one of the hundreds of mountains that fill the area. Maybe you’ll finally try doing yoga here, too.

What Each Zodiac Sign’s Stereotype Is VS. What Each Zodiac Sign Is Actually Like

Sometimes, you feel like your horoscope says one thing, but your heart says another. The things that you read about your zodiac sign don’t always match up with your real personality. This makes total sense—after all, astrology isn’t an exact science! It’s just something to have fun with, and your personality is never set in stone just because of where the stars were on the night you were born. Our horoscopes and descriptions of our signs can be eerily accurate sometimes, but every once in a while, you might read something that has you scratching your head and asking, “What? That’s not true!”

There are certain stereotypes about every sign. This is because each sign generally has a few core traits that really shine through. But our personalities are multifaceted, and as human beings, we’re growing and changing throughout our lives. You might not be the same person today that you were yesterday. Maybe your sign is “supposed” to be super sweet all the time, or incredibly confident, or quirky and artsy, and you just don’t feel like that fits you. Here is a stereotype of each zodiac sign—followed up with what they’re actually like deep down inside.

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24 Aries: Stereotype

Source: Favim

Aries, the ram, is a naturally stubborn sign—at least, that’s what every horoscope will tell you! On top of all that, they are very adventurous. They love to go off the beaten path and just explore what’s out there—no need for a road map, they can figure it out on their own, right? As far as relationships, if you don’t like what Aries is offering, you can see yourself out. They don’t need anyone who doesn’t need them, and being alone never bothers them. Plus, Aries is a very confident sign. They never falter, they can talk to anyone in the room, and they don’t suffer from moments of low self-esteem—not like the other signs do! But of course, no one can act this way all the time…

23 Aries: Reality

Source: Favim

First of all, yes, Aries has a confident exterior, but that does not mean they never feel insecure on the inside. And yes, they are very adventurous—but maybe “restless” would be a better word. In fact, one reason that Aries loves to travel and stay on the move is that they are very afraid of staying in one place, job, or stage in their life for too long and becoming stagnant. Yup, that’s right—Aries is actually a very fearful sign. They are constantly beating back that fear by acting more confident than they actually feel. And contrary to popular belief, their hearts are not bulletproof. After a break up, they don’t just dust themselves off and walk away—they cry and question themselves just like every other sign.

22 Taurus: Stereotype

Source: Favim

Taurus has it all together. No doubt about it, this sign doesn’t need help from anyone. If your best friend in high school was a Taurus, she probably got the best grades in class, made it into her dream school, and didn’t even seem to break a sweat doing it. And she even managed to look good every day on top of all of her hard work. Taurus always seems like she’s landing the coolest internships, working hard, and even managing to squeeze in a workout every day. Yup, this girl does not mess around. But what’s really going on underneath all of that? Can a human being really be that perfect? Taurus will be the first to tell you that the stereotypes are not always true…

21 Taurus: Reality

Source: Favim

The cool thing about Taurus is that are truly very independent and hardworking. But the major misconception about Taurus means that they don’t always get the help that they need. Basically, people assume that they have it all together, all the time, and they don’t notice when Taurus is actually struggling. But the truth is, Taurus does struggle more than anyone realizes. They have many moments of self-doubt because they often feel like they are working very hard to please everyone but themselves. Taurus often deals with anxiety and even feelings of depression—they simply never know if they are good enough o reach the high standards they have set for themselves. It often takes them a long time to balance who they are with who the world expects them to be.

20 Gemini: Stereotype

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Gemini is a fun-loving, free-spirited sign. They like to party, meet new people, and have fun—they are carefree and just enjoying life. They don’t worry too much about anything, really. And when it comes to dating, they don’t take anything seriously! They are not the kind of sign to seek out a long-term relationship, so if that’s what you’re after, you’re better off just giving all the Geminis out there a pass—they never settle down, right? Above all, Gemini is just here for a good time. They do whatever pleases them, and yes, they’re super friendly, but don’t expect any kind of deep connection. Everyone knows that all of the Geminis out there are pretty shallow—hmm, or is that just a stereotype?

19 Gemini: Reality

Gemini is actually a much more intellectual sign than many people realize. Yes, they have many interests, and they do not stick with one pursuit for too long, but this often makes them a very intelligent “jack of all trades.” They read tons of books, watch lots of interesting documentaries, and often have a few quirky hobbies. Therefore, Geminis may seem shallow on the surface, but deep down, they’re actually quite a smart sign. They can talk to you for hours about classic films, great albums, and fascinating new books that they’re staying up late to read. And when it comes to relationships, they do eventually learn to settle down—it can just take them longer than the other signs in the zodiac, but it will happen!

18 Cancer: Stereotype

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If you need a shoulder to cry on, call a Cancer. If you want someone who make the best baked goods in town, Cancer is your girl. And if you just need someone to talk to who can make you feel better any day of the week, Cancer is the one for the job. Yup, Cancer is always built up as the sweetest sign in the entire zodiac—and most of the time, it’s true! We’ll get into more detail on that later. Let’s go over a few more Cancer stereotypes first. They’re always friendly, they don’t mind small talk (in fact, they’re supposed to be experts at it), and they totally don’t mind listening to you talk about your problems all day, so by all means, please go ahead.

17 Cancer: Reality

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In reality, Cancer gets a little sick of being walked all over all the time! They don’t always want to be the first person to get a call when someone in their friend group has an emotional issue, and they can’t be everyone’s best friend, therapist, and personal chef all rolled into one (although they cannot deny that they have amazing cooking skills). As they get older, they will begin to break out of some of these stereotypes, and they will learn to speak up for themselves and say what they really feel. Sometimes, Cancer holds their tongue on what they’re REALLY thinking just to keep the peace—but don’t mistake their kindness for weakness, or it will definitely come back to bite you one day!

16 Leo: Stereotype

Leo is basically the superstar sign of the zodiac. They walk into any room and heads turn. You could easily see your Leo friends getting famous one day—they just have that “it” factor. They really never seem to get nervous—oh, and did we mention that their fashion sense is always on point? Leo is definitely one of the most stylish signs. You’ll never catch them in public wearing sweatpants and baggy t-shirts. And what makes Leo really special? They always end up being super successful at whatever they do. Whether they want to be a doctor, a lawyer, an accountant, or enter some sort of creative professions like writing or dancing, they are certain to excel—there’s just no question that they’ll “make it” at whatever they do.

15 Leo: Reality

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Leo may have one of the most impressive stereotypes out of all the signs, but in reality, they stumble and fall sometimes just like the rest of us. They are truly very confident, but they are always second-guessing themselves. One reason it always seems like they’re ahead of the game is because they’re so scared of what will happen in they allow themselves to fall behind. They are very concerned with their reputations, and they spend a lot of time worrying about how other people perceive them. They didn’t naturally become good at networking and socializing—they forced themselves to improve at it because they’re scared they’ll fall behind in life if they don’t connect with the right people. Behind the scenes, Leo is a very anxious sign.

14 Virgo: Stereotype

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Virgo is such a smart sign—how could they ever make a mistake? They always have a to-do list ready to help them take on the day. They have the right answer to every question—honestly, we wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out that every Jeopardy winner was a Virgo. They just don’t seem to get flustered over the same things that we do. How do they do it? They can talk to anyone with ease, but they don’t seem to feel the need to impress anybody. They’re great when it comes to sticking to a budget—they never waste money on fancy Starbucks lattes or random shopping sprees. So, how does Virgo do it? How do they stay on track all the time? Well, the truth is, they don’t.

13 Virgo: Reality

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Well, we hate to burst your bubble, but Virgo is just as flawed as any other sign. People often think that Virgo is comfortable being a little different and “above” all of the usual drama of day to day life. And they are—but sometimes, this leaves Virgo feeling a little bit left out. They feel like they can’t relate to other people so well, and Virgos often feel a bit lonely in high school and college. They know what they want in life, but it often feels like other people don’t notice them. They often struggle to make friends their age because they’re more mature, so they end up hanging out with an older crowd. Deep down, Virgo just wants to fit in like anyone else.

12 Libra: Stereotype

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Libra is a materialistic sign—all they care is shopping and how they look. Well, maybe not quite—they also care about who they’re seen with and where, what their Instagram feed looks like, making sure they’re only tagged in attractive photos on Facebook, you know the deal. Okay, maybe Libra DOES get a really bad rap when it comes to zodiac stereotypes. What else do people say about Libras? Well, they say that they’re shallow. Oh, and don’t forget their control freak personalities. If you want to be in charge of any group with a Libra in it, you better step back, because they’re about to make it clear that they are the only ones who can wear the pants around here. But what is Libra REALLY like underneath all that?

11 Libra: Reality

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The truth is that Libra is actually a very caring sign, and they just have a funny way of showing it. No, we’re not making excuses for them—that’s just what they’re like underneath the show they put on. Libra is such a perfectionist because they want everyone around them to be happy, and they feel like if they screw up, people will get angry at them. They are peacekeepers at heart, and that’s why they put so much crazy effort into planning. Unfortunately, this can sometimes backfire because people will assume that Libras are just selfish control freaks. Libra is just afraid that if they take a back seat, no one else will step up to take responsibility. They are not nearly as selfish as some people assume.

10 Scorpio: Stereotype

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Scorpio has got to be the craziest sign in the zodiac—after all, their horoscope is always talking about how emotional and sensitive they are, so they must be so annoying to be around. Are they always on the verge of bursting into tears, or picking a fight? Do they get super riled up about little things because they genuinely care THAT much, or are they just begging for attention? And how could anyone ever date a Scorpio, anyway? Who would want to put up with that attitude all the time? Yup, these are just a few of the popular stereotypes about Scorpios that are repeated over and over again. They make Scorpios sound like such a dramatic sign, but they are only right half the time!

9 Scorpio: Reality

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Yes, Scorpio is very sensitive and emotional—that part of the stereotype is definitely not wrong! But they are not so quick to pick a fight or burst out crying as some would have you assume. In fact, Scorpios often learn from a young age that they should push their emotions under and not express themselves. This results in a lot of pain for them as they grow up. They’re not trying to be nasty or dramatic when they get upset over something, but they just can’t help it. However, Scorpios are also known to make good use of these tendencies. Many of them are quite creative, and they encourage other people to take good care of themselves and feel no shame in their emotions if they are more sensitive than others.

8 Sagittarius: Stereotype

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Sagittarius doesn’t care about anything! Nope, not at all. “Free spirit” is just another word for “careless drifter.” What does Sagittarius REALLY care about? Well, themselves, mostly. This sign has to be one of the most selfish ones—if you only listen to what people who have never met a Sagittarius have to say. So what other stereotypes about this sign are floating around? They don’t really like to put down roots anywhere—you can forget about them getting a steady job, saving a good amount of money, or worrying about future responsibilities like buying a home. Nope, they will be living on their friends’ couches and bumming off other people well into adulthood. Oh, and forget about them ever paying you back for anything.

7 Sagittarius: Reality

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Sagittarius has some pretty damaging stereotypes attached to their sign, but they brush it off! Yes, they are definitely more likely to bounce from city to city and job to job, but that doesn’t mean they don’t care about the people they meet in each phase of their lives. They do care! They struggle to show it sometimes, but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel it. Furthermore, Sagittarius actually feels very lonely a lot of the time because they do not always value the things that society says are important. They want to travel, see the world, and chase their dreams—they don’t necessarily want to work at a traditional 9-5 job, get married, and settle down with kids. Because of this, they are a highly misunderstood sign.

6 Capricorn: Stereotype

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Capricorn is a slave to their job above all else. Friends? What are those? Girls weekend away? Nope, Capricorn has work to do. Family time? No way, Capricorn is staying late in the office so they can get ahead on this new project. Capricorn is often seen as an unfeeling sign that does not care very much about the people in their lives. It’s true that Capricorn has a strong work ethic, but is that really all there is to this earth sign? Just like every other sign, Capricorn is multifaceted, and there are many other aspects of their personality that are not discussed very often. Let’s take a look at the truth behind all of the popular Capricorn stereotypes and see what they’re really like.

5 Capricorn: Reality

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Capricorn is actually a much more sensitive sign than many people would assume at first glance. The reason they pour so much of their heart and soul into their work is that they aren’t the best at expressing their feelings. This is an issue that many earth signs struggle with. Capricorn often does regret skipping out on different engagements because of work, but they are scared of what will happen if they take a step back at their job. They care very deeply about what other people think of them, and just like Libra, they are always putting in a ton of extra effort because they do not want to let anyone down. They put a ton of pressure on themselves, and they wish that more people around them understood that.

4 Aquarius: Stereotype

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Aquarius is quirky and interesting. They don’t care about what anyone thinks of them, and forget about an Aquarius ever playing by society’s rules—it’s never going to happen, so don’t hold your breath! And what’s the coolest thing about Aquarius? They don’t even care about the pressure to conform. Nope, they just let it go. They totally have the power to tune out the naysayers when they do their own thing—unlike the rest of us, who end up buckling under insecurity and following the crowd because we get freaked out. But is that the whole truth about Aquarius? Is that what it’s really like inside their heads? Of course not. Let’s dig a little deeper and see what Aquarius is really all about.

3 Aquarius: Reality

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Aquarius is actually a lot more insecure deep down inside than most people would imagine. They expect a lot out of themselves, and here’s the funny thing about Aquarius—sometimes, they don’t even enjoy all of their offbeat hobbies. They will occasionally do things simply because they’re NOT mainstream, even if they don’t enjoy it. The secret’s out! So they go out of their way to be contrarian, just because they want people to see them as unique. Hmm, so it looks like they DO care a lot more about their image than they would ever let on. Well, this is trait can be common in air signs, so it’s actually not a huge surprise—Aquarius is just a lot better at hiding it than the others!

2 Pisces: Stereotype

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Pisces has got to be the saddest sign in the zodiac, right? Always moping over some boy who broke their heart, a fight with their parents, or a friend who went behind their back and gossiped about them. Does Pisces need to grow a backbone or what? Make sure that you always have a pack of Kleenex on hand for your Pisces friend, because they probably have a breakdown on a daily basis. And they always have crazy dreams, like becoming an artist or a writer, a photographer or a dancer, an actor or a musician…and it’s like, come on, Pisces, get real! Will they probably end up working at Starbucks and writing poems on their lunch breaks instead of getting a real job one day…right? Or is there more to Pisces than meets the eye?

1 Pisces: Reality

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Yes, Pisces is very sensitive—there is no denying that. But they do channel that sensitivity into many productive outlets, like art, writing, and music. And contrary to popular belief, these are not useless pursuits that will never allow them to earn money. There are plenty of Pisces women and men out there who are doing creative work on the side, along with their regular job! And Pisces is not just a whiny brat who is always looking for a shoulder to cry on. In fact, because they are so sensitive and understanding, they are often the shoulder to cry on for others. A Pisces can be the best friend you’ve ever had because they will never ignore or dismiss your problems—they are always ready to listen.

Here’s How Much Confidence You Have On A Scale Of 1-10, Based On Your Sign (His & Hers)

The older we get, the more we realize that a lot of things in life come down to confidence. Believing in yourself and valuing who you are can be the difference between a booming career and a failing one, a relationship with the person of your dreams and a struggling love life, and even happiness and a perpetual state of being unfulfilled. It certainly pays to be confident, at least some of the time.

A lot of different factors can affect how confident you are—the way you were raised, your experiences in life, your education and your personal health all play a part. Some say that zodiac signs also have something to do with it since they are said to have influence over our individual personalities.

Each sign has a different tendency when it comes to confidence. Some are pros at loving themselves, speaking exactly what’s on their minds and withstanding emotional pressure. Others find being confident a little more difficult, and are more prone to insecurity and second-guessing themselves. Of course, this is just a generalization, and at the end of the day, your individual confidence comes down to who you are, no matter your sign.

But if you find you’ve been struggling with your self-esteem, your zodiac could have something to do with it. Anybody can be confident—it just takes a little more effort for some! Check out which signs are naturals at the confidence thing, and which ones need to work at it.

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24 The Aries Woman Is One Of The Most Confident Signs And Knows It: 9


Being a fire sign, Aries is naturally very confident. An Aries woman is one of the most confident of all the women in the zodiac, and she knows it. She’s a natural leader and is usually wonderful in any job where she gets to display those leadership qualities. She has a fiery temper at times, but she has a good heart and wants the best for everyone around her.

She’s slightly more emotional than the Aries man, and these emotions can sometimes stop her from being as confident as she has the potential to be because she gets caught up in how she feels rather than what she should be doing. But overall, you wouldn’t want to go up against an Aries woman in a fight!

23 The Confidence Of The Aries Man Knows No Bounds: 10


Like his female counterpart, the Aries man is extremely confident. Aries is often thought of as one of the most confident signs in the zodiac because of their ability to stand up for themselves in hard times, pursue what they want relentlessly and take charge of any situation. Aries men can end up being quite successful because they believe in themselves and aren’t intimidated out of any situation.

The Aries man and woman are similar, though the Aries man is thought to be a little less emotional. That said, he also has a big heart and is capable of some deep feelings from time to time. Man or woman, Aries are very loyal and are pushed by the need to protect others. Doing things for the people they love is what helps them cope with tough situations.

22 The Taurus Woman Is Confident In Some Ways But Lacks Confidence In Others: 5


When it comes to the Taurus woman, she’s not overly confident, but she’s also not wallowing in self-pity. There are some ways in which she has a tendency to show a natural confidence, and she lacks it in other ways. Being a social creature, the Taurus woman doesn’t tend to struggle with social anxiety or losing her voice around others. She’s actually in her prime when she’s surrounded by people and doesn’t usually feel intimidated by crowds.

But when it comes to creating drama, the Taurus woman prefers to zip her lip and avoid causing confrontation. She wants everything to be drama-free, so she lacks the confidence to always speak what’s on her mind because she doesn’t cope well when the peace is interrupted, and sometimes, being confident and honest disrupts the peace.

21 The Taurus Man Is Usually Less Confident Than His Counterpart: 3


The Taurus man is very similar to the Taurus woman, though his desire for a drama-free life is amplified. Because of this, he might lose his voice more often than the Taurus woman does, in the interest of keeping the peace.

Taurus men are naturally quiet and gentle, and being an earth sign, have a connection to the land. They’re much more passive than aggressive, even though they represent the Bull. It’s true that all Taurus babies have a little stubborn streak in them, but it’s not always obvious. Rather than causing a fuss because he didn’t get his way, the Taurus man is much more likely to keep his thoughts to himself and mind his own business as he pursues success at his own leisure.

20 Bravery And Extroversion Are The Gemini Girl’s Specialties: 8


Gemini and extroversion tend to travel hand in hand. The Gemini girl is loud, talkative, passionate and above all else, brave. More than anything, she loves to try new things and meet new people, and if she’s not challenged, she can start to feel bored and like she’s in a rut. Confidence is just another natural trait of the Gemini girl and helps carry her through the fast-paced life that she desires.

Gemini ladies are usually confident enough to approach a stranger and talk to them, no matter what the circumstances are. Making new friends is their favorite pastime, so even if a social interaction doesn’t work out quite like they’d hoped, it’s always worth the risk. To keep stimulated, Gemini is always trying new things and sometimes this takes a certain amount of confidence and bravery.

19 Gemini Fellas Are Just As Confident As The Gemini Ladies: 8


Like the Gemini women, Gemini men are pretty confident. This is a social sign, so the men find it relatively easy to approach a new person and start a conversation. They tend to do well in jobs where they have the opportunity to do a lot of talking and excel in sales. They’re the perfect candidates to give presentations in a business setting, or even host a radio or television show, thanks to that inner-confidence.

Confidence is also something of a cycle, in that the more confident a person acts, the more confident they feel, and so it goes. Because a Gemini man is often born with a certain level of confidence and belief in himself, he isn’t afraid to show that off, which gains admiration and then makes him feel even more confident. He’s basically a spiraling ball of confidence!

18 Cancer Women Can Build Confidence In People They Know: 6


Cancer isn’t the first sign you’d think of when it comes to confidence. Being so emotional, the Crab is usually much more prone to over-sensitivity, which can shoot down any feelings of confidence that may arise.

That said, the Cancer woman is able to build confidence in certain situations. It may take time, but she usually gets to a point where she starts to feel comfortable around the right people, and that’s when she comes out of her shell. Once she’s known someone long enough and she feels like she can be herself around them, she’ll feel better about saying what’s really on her mind. Also, she has trouble bottling up all her emotions, so sooner or later she ends up revealing all anyway, no matter what anyone around her thinks.

17 The Low Self-Esteem Of The Cancer Man Makes Him The Least Confident Sign Of The Zodiac: 1


The insecurity of Cancer is usually more obvious in the men of the sign. Generally speaking, Cancer fellas suffer from a low self-esteem, which is the biggest enemy of confidence. Though he might feel pressure to speak up and say his point of view or believe in himself, he finds it particularly difficult when a voice in his head constantly tells him that he’s not good enough.

Because of this insecurity, little things often upset him. While they might seem little to the outside world, he tends to overdramatize them in his head and as a result, they end up rocking his life. He’s quite a fragile and vulnerable sign, which is why he needs to be partnered with somebody who will nurture him and help him to feel better about himself. The Cancer man can find confidence if he works at it, but it doesn’t come naturally.

16 The Lioness Is Extremely Confident, And Only Slightly Less So Than Her Lion Counterpart: 9


Another fire sign, Leo naturally exudes confidence. Male or female, the Lions love to be the center of attention and thrive when people stroke their egos. They have no problem expressing what’s on their minds and live to be the stars of the show.

Leo ladies, in particular, tend to be aggressive and strong, and are intimidating to the more passive signs. This sign has no problem chasing what she wants and isn’t afraid to fight for it. Things change slightly when it comes to matters of the heart because unlike her male counterpart, this is the only time when the Leo woman likes to be the pursued rather than the pursuer. She loves to be adored by her partner, spoiled and doted upon and is happy to sit back and let him do all the work.

15 The Male Lion Is The Most Confident Animal In The Jungle And Sign In The Zodiac: 10+


It would be silly to cap the confidence of the Leo man at just 10 because, in truth, his confidence knows no bounds. Leo guys love and believe in themselves, and it’s this attitude that determines how they interact with the rest of the world. They believe that they deserve the best, and their charisma usually helps them to obtain it.

Though Leo men and women are strong and confident, Leo men are only slightly more so because of the way they usually go about their romantic relationships. While the women take a less active role, the men are as aggressive as ever. They will compete with anyone and will stop at nothing to gain the interest of whoever they’re chasing, and usually won’t stop until they get what they want.

14 Usually, A Virgo Girl’s Extreme Self-Criticism Tears Down Her Confidence: 2


Virgo ladies know all about self-criticism. Out of the zodiac, this sign is the hardest on itself, and the girls, in particular, are notorious for insecurity. Virgo is a perfectionist, meaning she will feel like things are inadequate unless they’re perfect. Since things are basically never perfect, you can imagine how much these poor ladies beat themselves up. Virgo is hard on other people too, but it’s only because she holds herself to those high standards. Though she may come across as stern, Virgo is actually insecure thanks to the relentless voice in her head that tells her she’s not good enough the way she is.

But don’t despair if you’re a Virgo lady. While you are naturally self-critical, you can develop confidence if you practice positive self-talk. Beyoncé is a Virgo, for goodness’ sake! It’s all about shutting out that negative voice that tears down your confidence.

13 But Virgo Men’s Desire For Perfection Transcends Their Fear: 7


Virgo men were painted with the same brush of insecurity and can struggle with the same issues that Virgo women do. Both genders crave perfection and can’t help picking at themselves and other people until everything is the way it’s supposed to be. But though they also have that negative voice in their heads, Virgo men tend to be even more strict about obtaining perfection, and it helps them to find confidence deep within.

Virgo guys can be demanding to live with because they won’t leave things alone until they’re up to a certain standard. To make things perfect and to make demands of the people around you, you need to have a minimum level of confidence. It also takes self-assurance to stick by your morals and values, which Virgo guys are pros at.

12 Libra Girls Can Find The Confidence They Need To Lead: 6


Typically, Libra is more of a follower than a leader. This sign doesn’t like to lean toward a particular side and prefers to always remain Switzerland. Despite that, sometimes it takes a balanced personality like Libra to lead. Libra women, in particular, are excellent judges of character, great at staying calm and are extremely fair to everybody, and that can land them in leadership positions that they’re not sure they even want.

When a Libra lady is called upon to lead, she usually goes along with it because she doesn’t like to let people down, and to get through it, she has to find an inner-strength and confidence. Really, she’d prefer to not be up there calling the shots, but if she has to, she always rises to the challenge.

11 Popularity Is More Important Than Confidence For Libra Men: 4


Both Libra men and women desire popularity. They love to be liked and are very cautious of offending people. The guys, in particular, crave the popularity that comes with being agreeable, and for this reason, you won’t often catch them speaking their minds or standing up for themselves.

If they really have to stick up for someone they love or speak out about something important, they can find the confidence to do it. But more often than not, they prefer to stay quiet and guarantee that they’re not upsetting anyone. They see being liked as more important than being an outcast with an opinion. Plus, they don’t like to judge people too quickly, and would rather sit back and observe than take an aggressive role in a situation.

10 The Scorpio Woman’s Emotions Sometimes Get In The Way Of Her Super-Confidence: 8


Scorpio women tend to be very confident, and it stems from their inability to contain their feelings and emotions. They’re not the type of people who can sit back and watch something that upsets them without saying anything—they always have to speak up, whether that gets them in trouble or not. They are so emotionally invested in just about everything that it eliminates their chances of being shy or hesitant and pushes them forward toward what they see as the right path.

Although her emotions actually make her more confident because they distract her from caring about what people think, they can sometimes do the opposite and ruin her confidence. Scorpio is actually a sensitive sign, though she wouldn’t admit it, and if she feels personally hurt, she might buy into negative self-talk which will destroy her confidence.

9 The Distrustful Nature Of The Scorpio Man Makes Him Less Confident Than His Counterpart: 5


Scorpio men, on the other hand, tend to be less confident. They are actually said to be more emotional than Scorpio women, and this ends up being their downfall when it comes to believing in themselves. More than anything, a Scorpio man suffers from a significant lack of trust, and this causes him to be paranoid and expect the worst of people. Because of this, he’s not usually confident in his relationships and might even feel like he’s not worthy of love.

The other hallmark sign of a Scorpio man is jealousy. This is the most jealous sign of the zodiac, and persistent jealousy usually points to issues with insecurity. Scorpio guys might not be overly confident in themselves, and so they expect others to hurt them and leave them behind.

8 Confidence Can Come To A Sagittarius Girl, But It’s Not A Priority: 6


If there’s one thing the fire signs all have in common, it’s confidence. Like her fiery sisters, Sagittarius has an inner-strength that allows her to follow her heart. She’s a free spirit and has the courage to pursue her dreams. Especially when it comes to traveling and seeing the world around her, Sagittarius isn’t afraid of much. She has the confidence to wander to all corners of the globe and embark on new adventures.

While a Sagittarius lady is naturally confident, developing her confidence further isn’t one of her biggest priorities. Though she is friendly, she is content to keep to herself and make herself happy, meaning she’s less concerned with being the life of the party than the women of the other fire signs. She’s got enough confidence to get her by but she can be shy when dealing with others because her goal in life isn’t to build relationships.

7 The Sagittarius Man Can Be Confident But Prefers To Keep To Himself: 4


The Sagittarius man is similar to the Sagittarius woman in that he isn’t afraid to get out there and see the world. Confidence can manifest in so many ways, and both Sagittarius men and women are very sure of themselves and have enough nerve to make their dreams come true. They don’t get lonely like other signs do, and believe that they are enough, which is a huge expression of confidence.

That being said, Sagittarius men have a tendency to be slightly less social than Sagittarius women and prefer to be left to their own devices a little more. Though both genders cope with this, the guys actually like it that way more, and all that time alone can sometimes stop them from developing the confidence needed to excel socially.

6 The Capricorn Woman Struggles With Valuing Herself: 3


Like Virgo, the Capricorn woman struggles with issues related to insecurity and knowing her own self-worth. She is something of a perfectionist too and has incredibly high standards for herself and others. When she doesn’t meet these standards (and they’re pretty hard to meet most of the time!), she can end up feeling bad about herself and that is really damaging to her confidence.

Capricorns tend to place a lot of value on tangible achievements; they don’t feel proud of personal development or relationships but revel in awards, financial success or promotions. So unless a Capricorn woman is successful like this, she really struggles with feeling good about herself and by extension, she lacks confidence. This is a battle that most Capricorn women will face, but they can overcome those feelings with work!

5 If The Capricorn Man Is Successful, His Self-Esteem Bloats: 9


There are a few similarities between Capricorn men and Capricorn women, including the fact that they both like to achieve things that will make themselves and the people around them proud. They are both reserved and can suffer from a persistent critical voice in their heads, which causes them to second-guess themselves.

Until he is successful in his own eyes, the Capricorn man can feel awful about himself and believe he’s not good enough. But once he has made it, he goes to the other extreme and is overly confident, almost to the point of arrogance. But we will say that nine times out of ten, this arrogance is warranted because he works really hard and has the potential to achieve some truly amazing things!

4 The Aquarius Strikes A Balance Between Being Confident And Shy At The Same Time: 6


Like Taurus, Aquarius is both shy and confident at the same time. It’s nice to have a balance, and Aquarius is able to master that perfectly—while she likes to keep to herself and can be very reserved around other people, she also tends to be very sure of herself. Aquarius is one of the few signs who doesn’t care what people think of her, which is a clear-cut sign that she is comfortable with who she is and confident.

Aquarius ladies don’t need a relationship to make them feel fulfilled and are incredibly independent, which is a very powerful state to be in. They’re not vulnerable or insecure like some signs are, but they can experience a lack of confidence in social situations simply from a lack of practice.

3 The Aquarius Man Also Has That Balance Down Pat And Has Just A Little More Confidence: 7


The Aquarius man has a lot in common with the Aquarius woman. He’s got the balance between being confident and being shy down, and never comes across overly confident or overly shy. Out of the two, it’s probably fair to say that Aquarius has a touch more confidence because he’s even less concerned with what people think than the Aquarius woman.

Both genders have a strong need to be independent, even when they’re in a relationship, and be true to themselves. The Aquarius man’s need is just a little stronger, which results in him being more inclined to say and do whatever he feels like without worrying about the repercussions of his actions. The other signs can learn a lot from Aquarius when it comes to living life the way you want to and not being bothered by the opinions of others!

2 A Pisces Girl’s Sensitivity And Intuition Can Make Her Self-Conscious: 4


Being sensitive is a blessing and a curse. While you are in tune with how you feel and are careful not to say careless things around others, you can also take things to heart when you shouldn’t, which can hack away at your confidence. That’s the Pisces woman all over: her sensitivity can sometimes lead her to take things personally, which can make her feel bad and jeopardize her confidence.

By nature, a Pisces girl is also very conscious of hurting people. She might be worried about saying or doing the wrong thing and is very moved by the opinions of others. Because of this, she is less likely to say what’s on her mind and do what she feels like if it means she won’t be pleasing people.

1 A Pisces Man Is Equally Sensitive, Vulnerable And Self-Conscious: 4


People often say that Pisces and Pisces are incredibly compatible when it comes to dating, and part of that is because they’re so similar. Like the Pisces girl, the Pisces guy is sensitive and self-conscious, which makes him fragile and takes away his confidence.

Pisces men are usually very in touch with how they’re feeling and they’re very good at reading other people. So if they do offend or upset someone, it’s usually obvious to them and they’re likely to worry about it far more than an Aquarius or a Leo would. Being so aware of the world around you can sometimes stop you from being confident because you understand the full consequences of all your actions, which can be scary.

Here’s The Five Things That Ignite Your Spirit, According To Your Zodiac Sign

There are many things in the world that make us happy. On a larger, more philosophical level, we’re happy when we get to wake up in the morning and live another day. While we might not be happy with our lives all the time, in the long run getting another day to do things is a blessing. We’re happy when we see people around us getting along and we get to live our lives drama-free. On a micro level, we’re happy when we accomplish things both big and small. We’re happy when we nail that presentation and when we beat that video game level that’s been bothering us all day. We’re also happy when we see others happy.

While those feelings of happiness are universal, there are things that make us happy that are pretty specific to certain personality types. Maybe you’re a person whose day is made when your whole outfit comes together, or when you get to stay home all day and not worry about a thing. Maybe specific items and other tangible things make you happy, like a pair of killer heels or your favorite sweater. Certain activities are also likely to make certain people much happier than others, like spending a whole day swimming or spending hours planning your schedule or getting involved in a discussion about big, abstract topics. Regardless, there are many things that make us happy, and for each zodiac sign, we’ve narrowed those things down to five. Here are five things that ignite your spirit based on your zodiac sign. Make sure to check out your moon sign to round out your list!

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16 Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): Sage Advice, Red Bottom Heels, Literal Flames, Heated Debates, Looking Killer In Formal Wear

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Fire signs are passionate and tend to be the leaders of their packs, so it’s not surprising that the five things that would really make them happy are things that show them as the bosses they are. Fire signs tend to like being the center of attention in some capacity, so they’re the type to command attention through what they wear. This means that Fire signs care a lot about looking put together and even the brands they wear. However, Fire signs are a lot more than pretty faces. They love heated debates and expanding their minds, so they’re a lot more likely to take the lead in an argument. Aside from that, Fire signs are excellent at giving advice not because they see themselves as wise but because they know what it’s like to make mistakes.

15 Aries: Combat Boots, Red Lipstick, Diamonds, Having More Energy Than You Can Use, And The Blood Of The Dragon

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If Fire signs in general are the leaders of the zodiac, the Aries sign is the leader. Straightforward, charismatic, and commanding, the Aries is a strong person who’s up before the sun and inspiring those around them to be better people. While the Aries sign is the type to gravitate towards strong fashion choices like combat boots and red lipstick, they’re also more than their strong persona and can be almost childlike in their enthusiasm for life. This sign is the personification of having way more energy than is strictly necessary, but to the Aries, that’s totally normal. The average Aries is also a person who knows what they’re worth and will gravitate to bright, shiny, priceless things like diamonds. Aries is a sign that knows how special they are, making them a lot like a real-life Daenerys Targaryen: the blood of the dragon.

14 Leo: Breakfast In Bed, The Actual Harry Potter, Full Body Mirrors, Makeup Highlighters, And The Rays Of The Sun

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If the Aries is Daenerys Targaryen, the Leo is literally Harry Potter. For one thing, Harry Potter is actually a Leo, as is Neville Longbottom and Ginny Weasley, believe it or not, so in that series, the fate of the world comes down to a Leo. That’s honestly how it is for the Leo in real life as well. Regardless of the individual Leo’s personality, they’re a person who has the power to inspire others around them to learn from them and aspire to greatness. To the people around the Leo, they’re already amazing and tend to be a role model. That being said, Leos love attention and can be a little dramatic, so they’re the type to gravitate towards fashion choices that highlight their features, like well, highlighters. They also love being pampered with things like breakfast in bed, and they also really like spending their days in the sun.

13 Sagittarius: Graphic T-Shirts, Riding Bikes Without Helmets, The Chorus To Every Pop Song, The Optimism Of A Child, And The Wisdom Of A Philosopher

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If the Aries and Leo are people who lead from the front as warriors, the Sagittarius is more of a philosopher. The Sagittarius is idealistic to a fault and loves to have fun. If you have a friend who somehow knows the lyrics to every song on the radio, or can at least pick up the chorus before the song is over, chances are that friend is a Sagittarius. The Sagittarius is the type to go on a  giant adventure on a whim, just because. They love to feel free and to express themselves, and they do that in a lot of ways. That could be something small, like wearing a graphic T-shirt with something funny on it that no one else around them gets, or it can be something that would seem dangerous to any other sign, like riding a bike without a helmet. As much as the Sagittarius seems child-like and even flaky, under that exterior is a deeply intelligent person who seeks the truth of life above everything, and that shows when they drop that exterior.

12 Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): Sitting Down After A Long Day, The Warmest Socks In The Brightest Colors, Chocolate, Blasting Music On Headphones While Traveling, And Seeing The Results Of Your Hard Work

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Earth signs are hard workers who aren’t going to waste their time with things that can’t be proven, making these signs some of the most coldly logical in the zodiac. That being said, Earth signs are far from boring, they just like to bury themselves in their work and enjoy the fruits of their labors. This is why Earth signs tend to have a love of the finer things in life in common. They’re also a little more introverted as a rule than Fire signs, for example, so they enjoy their solitude, or at least the opportunity to take time for themselves. Earth signs love to put themselves to work to get what they want, and they also love what it feels like to take a load off, whether it’s by sitting down after a long day, wrapping themselves up in blankets after coming in from the cold, or just listening to music in public on headphones so no one bothers them.

11 Taurus: Sweets, Long Showers And Baths, The Beach, Rolling Your Own Sushi, And Comfortable Sweaters

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The average Taurus is equal parts indulgent and stubborn: while they love the finer things in life, they’re also tenacious and ambitious, working hard to achieve their dreams. That being said, Taureans tend to gravitate toward things that help them unwind. After all, they work hard and they don’t need to be neglecting themselves for no reason. That’s why the average Taurus loves taking long showers and even baths when they want to: because they want to take that time for themselves and they don’t think they’re wrong for that. They also love food and cooking, making things from scratch that other signs might not bother to. For example, I have a friend who’s a Taurus, and they won’t eat sushi or pastries unless they make those things themselves. For a Taurus, putting in the work makes the rewards worth that much more.

10 Virgo: Running, Well-Kept Schedules, Fresh Coffee, New Books In Constant Supply, And Black Leggings

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Virgo is a sign that is represented by the goddess of wheat and architecture, which makes sense once you become familiar with the Virgo personality. Virgos aren’t the type to leave things up to fate because they are the masters of their own fate and there’s nothing that can happen that the Virgo doesn’t have the power to make happen or stop from happening. Virgos tend to operate with a good degree of control in their lives, so out of every other sign, the Virgo is the one who is going to take the most delight in a well-kept schedule that’s accurate almost up to the minute. Unlike some other signs who are more than content to leave things up to the universe, Virgos are the type to take control themselves and do things that make them feel in control, like go running as exercise. Virgos also work really hard and tend to indulge themselves with things like fresh-gourmet coffee and new books to expand their minds. Virgos are also super practical when it comes to fashion and probably own more pairs of black leggings than anyone else.

9 Capricorn: An Abundance Of Scarves, All Devices at 100% Charge, Reading The Newspaper, Respect That Has Been Earned, And Pragmatic Realism

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Capricorns are ambitious to a fault and pride themselves on being the ones to do anything and everything to achieve their dreams. Capricorns aren’t the type to shut their brains off for any reason, so even when you think a Capricorn is taking some time to themselves and relax, they’re probably doing the exact opposite of that. Capricorns are the type to immerse themselves in things that other signs would consider stressful, like reading newspapers first thing in the morning to wake their brains up. Capricorns also hate not being able to stay connected, whether it’s related to their work or to their emotions, so they make it a point more than any other sign to make sure their devices are never going to die. Even if they let their batteries get low, they have at least two ways to charge on them at all times because Capricorns are always prepared. They know that anything that can go wrong will go wrong and make sure they’re one step ahead at all times, which is one of the reasons why Capricorns are respected so much.

8 Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Finishing A Long Book And Carrying It With You, Wearing Extravagant Clothes At Home For No Reason, Staying Up Late, Instrumental Music, And Stargazing

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Air signs are dreamers at heart, but that doesn’t mean they’re not passionate about what they love. If you have a friend who finishes a book or TV show and can’t stop talking about it for weeks, that friend is probably an Air sign. Air signs are the types to stay up late looking at the stars and wondering about the meaning of life. Air signs are also a little impulsive, but in a different way than Fire and Water signs. They’re not impulsive through their actions or their feelings, they’re impulsive through their thoughts. They’re the type to wonder about a question no other sign would think of, then actually go about answering that question. Air signs, while they’re free-spirited and fun living, are also deeply intelligent and are into things that other signs might take a while to dive into, like experimental genres of music or a style of clothing that might not look flattering at first.

7 Gemini: Trivia Games, Crop Tops, Stumbling Across A Sale At Your Favorite Store, Obscure References, And Calling Your Pets Your Fur-Babies

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The average Gemini is a highly intelligent person, but they’re not the tortured, introverted genius burrowing themselves in reading and research. Rather, Geminis are just as socially intelligent as they are intellectuals. They have hearts that are just as big as their brains and aren’t afraid to show that to people. Geminis love to show off what they know, making them the person you want on your team when trivia games break out. Geminis are also the people you want around during a shopping spree. They’re amazing at finding the best sales and telling you what you look good in, but they’re also great at negotiating prices down when the situation calls for that. More importantly, Geminis can make amazing friends who use every opportunity to build you up. Out of all the Air signs, Geminis have the biggest hearts, not just for people, but for animals as well.

6 Libra: Staying Ahead Of The Trends, Skinny Jeans, Roses, Feeling Confident In Making A Decision, And Taking Selfies Where You Fit In The Whole Group

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Libra is represented by the scales, which is weirdly enough the only zodiac sign mascot that isn’t some kind of animal or person. This just goes to show how Libras are people who are more focused on fairness and justice than they are on personal loyalties. Libras are very preoccupied with making sure things are fair and will withhold judgment on basically anything because they want to make sure that they’re making the right and fair decisions. It can be a little frustrating for those who know this about Libras, but Libras are honestly most comfortable when they’re feeling confident about their decisions, and for them that takes time. That being said, Libras can be very social and keep themselves informed about cool things going on, so expect the Libras in your life to be constantly ahead of the curve when it comes to trends. Libras are also great when it comes to including everyone in their lives because that’s one good measure of fairness and kindness.

5 Aquarius: Video Games, Rainbow Colored Hair, Drinking Everything Through Straws, Multi-Tasking, And Large Bodies Of Water

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Aquarians are by far the weirdest people in the zodiac, and that’s not an exaggeration. They pride themselves on this weirdness, preferring to stand out while being themselves than stifle themselves trying to make the rest of the world comfortable. It’s one of the many things that they’re stubborn about. Aquarians are the sign that’s most likely to dye their hair a crazy color or even multiple colors to express themselves. While Aquarius is an Air sign, they’re represented by the Water Bearer for a reason and tend to be really attracted to large bodies of water, whether it’s the sea, the beach, or even a pool. Aquarians are also people whose minds are always working, so expect them to be all about multi-tasking. They’re actually the type to thrive under that kind of pressure rather than buckle under it like some other signs would. Aquarians tend to have weird quirks that other people might find strange, like drinking hot coffee out of straws, for example. I use this example primarily because I’m an Aquarius and can only drink coffee this way. Other people might have some other weird habit.

4 Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): People-Watching, Keeping Quiet Until You Get To Know Someone, Binge-Watching Everything On Netflix, Writing In Notebooks Instead Of Your Cell Phone, And Tea

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Water signs are intuitive and won’t show their hands unless they really feel safe, so expect a Water sign to quietly study you until they come to a conclusion about you. Water signs tend to be very introspective, so they’re a lot more comfortable in small groups than they are in big ones. The average Water sign will be happy just binge-watching everything on Netflix that they can get their hands on and aren’t the sort to be all about partying. Water signs are also romantics at heart and see that romance in the little things, like handwriting letters or talking on the phone instead of over text. Water signs are also the type to love sitting at a window and watching the rain or snowfall with a good book and a cup of tea. They’re also the ones who will take the most joy from people-watching in a public place and wonder what their lives are like.

3 Cancer: The Moon, Sad Movies About Animals, Sweatpants, Ruling The Karaoke Bar, Terrible Puns, And Making People Feel Really Dumb

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Cancer is a Water sign that’s represented by the crab, but more importantly, the planetary body Cancer is ruled by is the Moon. That makes Cancers really empathetic, emotional, and even empathic. Cancers are intuitive and while they can be kind, they also have no problem wrecking shop if they feel like that’s necessary to get their point across. While they can be really patient, a Cancer will not hesitate to tell you when you’re being dumb. The average Cancer loves things that pull their heartstrings, like sad movies that could make them cry. Cancers are also the type to command attention, but not in a flashy or extroverted way. They’re kind of like the introverted drama queen, the type to rule the karaoke bar but not the runway or the club, for example. Cancers also have an affinity for terrible, no good, very bad puns. They appreciate the wordplay and making their friends laugh.

2 Scorpio: Wearing Dark Clothes All The Time, Having A Morbid Sense Of Humor, Always Having Perfect Nails, Deeply Held Secrets, And Conversations In The Middle Of The Night

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Scorpios tend to be a little misunderstood, but to be honest, Scorpios almost like it better that way. Scorpios are emotional like most Water signs, but they tend to express their emotions a lot like the passionate Fire signs, albeit in a slightly colder way. Scorpios are the type to wear their emotions on their sleeves while acting like they don’t wear their emotions on their sleeves, so they tend to express their feelings with a really morbid sense of humor. That’s when they’re letting their feelings out, however. Most of the time they tend to shroud themselves in secrets, only entrusting those secrets to a chosen few. Scorpios will beat around the bush when it comes to their feelings, only to be matter-of-fact and straightforward in quiet moments, most of the time in the middle of the night. Scorpios are also people who love wearing black and dark colors and take pride in their appearances, so their hair and nails are always on point.

1 Pisces: Flower Crowns, Stuffed Animals, Watching The Rain From Indoors, Not Wearing Makeup, And Somehow Knowing The Future

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The Pisces sign is represented by two fish swimming against each other, showing how people born under this sign tend to live in two different worlds. The world that wins out depends on the individual person and on the day you’re talking to them. Pisces as the last sign of the zodiac is the sign that absorbs the best and worst of every sign and is the quickest to learn the lessons the other signs really should learn quickly. Pisceans are either the sweetest people you’ll ever meet or they’ll make you cry in fifteen seconds flat: there’s no real in-between there. Pisceans love being whimsical, so they’ll gravitate to things like flower crowns and stuffed animals because those things make everyone happy, right? Pisceans are also all about natural beauty, so don’t expect them to wear makeup. Most importantly, Pisceans have this weird, uncanny ability to size someone up and tell the future, making them almost psychically intuitive.

How He’ll Show You He Wants You Back Based On His Zodiac Sign

Guys tend to have an array of tricks up their sleeves when they want to grab your attention. They resort to these tricks when they want to date you…and when they want to get back together with you. Whether you’re the one who ended things or they ended the relationship, doesn’t change the fact. When an ex wants you back, there are certain things he will do to show you. Some guys are more subtle than others in their attempts to win you back.

If your ex-starts coming back into your life and you’re not sure if he is trying to be your friend or wants to be your boyfriend again, just take a look at his zodiac sign! Zodiac signs are characterized by specific traits most commonly found in people born during that time frame. Chances are, you’ve checked on his zodiac sign before, maybe out of curiosity or see if your signs are compatible with one another. While zodiac signs may not hold the answers to everything they can be very telling about a person’s behaviors. Is he trying to win you back? Just take a look at his zodiac sign to find out.

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15 Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn): Try To Wow You

The Cardinal signs are the first zodiac signs of every season. This module is made up of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. The Cardinal signs like to take charge of tasks. They are willing to put in the work for whatever they want. So if they want you back, you can bet they will pull out all the stops to win you back. The Cardinal signs want to wow you! They want to be on your mind and make you realize that they are dedicated to you. From showing off to bringing you chocolates and flowers the Cardinal signs want you to sweep you off your feet. These signs are not subtle about trying to get back together with you. Find out more abou these cardinal signs in the following pages.

14 Aries: He’ll Do Anything To Impress You

Aires are one of the least subtle signs of the zodiac, especially when it comes to wanting you back. Aries men will do everything and anything in order to impress you. They may try to be your friend, and invite you on a group outing, even going so far as to suggest that you bring a date; however, they will be hoping you don’t bring a date. If you do bring a date Aries will look at him as a competition and do whatever it takes to show you why he is better than him. Aries men will want to start hanging out with you in order to have the opportunity to impress you. These men like to show off. He will do everything to show you how awesome he is, and hopes you will miss him. He hopes by doing so you will want to get back together with him too.

13 Cancer: He’ll Try To Woo You

When a Cancer man wants you back he will try to woo you. This sign is a romantic at heart. Your Cancer man will take a more traditional approach to winning your heart back by trying to court you once again. He will be sending you flowers, chocolates, giant teddy bears, etc. Expect plenty of romantic texts about how amazing you are and how much you mean to him. If that doesn’t work, being the homebody he is, he will turn to his mom and ask for advice. Pride isn’t an issue for this sign, so he has no problem asking for help coming up with romantic gestures for you. Cancer men will never try to buy your affection, they just want to know that you’re always on their mind, and they want to make you feel special.

12 Libra: He’ll Make Sure You Know Why You’re Amazing

Libra men will show you they want to get back together by reminding you how amazing you truly are. When he wants to get back with you he will start by checking in on you. This will be casual, just to see how you are doing; however, then he will start checking in on you more frequently. Eventually, just checking in on you will turn into him reminding you how amazing you are. He will recall all the amazing things about you and all the time you spent together that he remembers. As nice as flattery is, Libra men aren’t trying to win you back on flattery alone. By complimenting you, Libra is honestly telling you everything about you that he loves. This is his number one tell-tale sign he wants you back.

11 Capricorn: He’ll Send His Wingman Talk To You

Capricorn’s have sensitive egos. Despite that, these men are fully placing their trust and reputations into the hands of their closest friends. As a matter of fact, they’ll even enlist the help of mutual acquaintances. Why would he do this? Well, Capricorn hopes they will be wingmen for him. Recruiting the help of those around him, and those around you, he’ll have these people talk him up a lot. When Capricorn men want you back they want you to want them back as well. They hope by others reminding you of him, and hearing about his stand-up character, you’ll be more inclined to take him back. When Capricorn men want you back, you can bet you’ll be hearing about him from his posse of wingmen!

10 Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius): Make It All About You

Fixed signs include Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. They are incredibly stubborn and dedicated signs. Once these signs set their minds on something they become determined to see it through. When a man belonging to one of the fixed signs wants you back he will focus all his attention on you. Whether it’s doing things that you like, grand gestures, endless devotion, and if it comes down to it, even begging! These men put all the power in your hands. Considering how stubborn these men can be, putting all the power in your hands is really saying something! They’ll be sure to let you know how serious they are about you, and how much they want you to want them back as well.

9 Taurus: He’ll Change His Ways

When it comes to being stubborn, not many signs can compete with a Taurus. These men often operate on a “my way or the highway” philosophy. Once they set their mind to something they become very inflexible. Compromise is difficult for Taurus men, as they are set in their ways – which can sometimes be problematic in relationships. That being said, if a Taurus man wants you back he will show you the effort he is making to change his ways. Whether there was a particular behavior you weren’t a fan of or even his lack of compromising that created tension in the relationship, you know he wants you back by his efforts to make a change. Taurus men will use their stubborn nature as the determination to win you back, and they’ll do so by going against their nature and changing their ways.

8 Leo: He’ll Come Up With Some Grand Gesture

There will be no doubt in your mind if a Leo man wants you back! This sign is anything but subtle. If a Leo man wants you back he will go above and beyond for you. Flowers and chocolates alone won’t do it for this sign. He’ll want you to know how he feels and wants you to feel special, so expect some sort of grand gesture. Leo men will tell you how they feel, without holding anything back. They’ll also show with constant attention, gifts, and acts of service. Nothing is too big or too much for this determined sign. Leo men love a challenge, and love to prove how awesome they are; however, when it comes to getting back with you, they’re all about showing you how a queen should be treated!

7 Scorpio: He’ll Become Obsessively Devoted To You

When a Scorpio man wants you back, you’ll know it. At first you might start noticing that you bumped into him, at one of your favorite places to hang out. Maybe you’ll think nothing of it at first. But then, you’ll start running into your ex everywhere! Scorpio men will look for any chance to talk to you again, if they want to get back together. “Accidentally” running into at places you normally go, seems like the perfect place for him to strike up a conversation. While that may be the extreme cases, in almost every case he’ll be following all your social media accounts, liking everything you post and commenting on it. When Scorpio men want you back they will show it through their extreme devotion. They’ll look for any excuse to talk to you again, and if given the chance they will show you that they will never stray.

6 Aquarius: He’ll Beg For A Second Chance

Aquarius is a generally very free sign. They value their freedom and want to have adventures. That being said, when an Aquarius man wants you back you will know. Often these men like to do what they like, when they like. So, when they want you back they begin to act very uncharacteristically. How so? Well for starters, Aquarius men will beg for a second chance. Whether he broke up with you or it was something he did that made you break up with him, he’ll apologize for it. It takes a lot for Aquarius men to initially commit to someone, as they fear they will have to give up their freedom. But none of that matters when he’s found the one he wants to be with. So if you’re the one for him, you can bet he will come back for you and let you know how he feels!

5 Mutable Signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces): Can’t Imagine Life Without You

The four signs that make up the Mutable mode are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Out of all the signs in the zodiac, these four are the most adaptable and accepting of change. In fact, they thrive on it, looking at changes as a new exciting chapter in their life, or as a new adventure to be had. So, it’s quite ironic that the way the Mutable signs show they want you back is through their demonstration of not being able to imagine their life without you! Without you in their life, these signs will recognize that they are missing a piece of them. That is how they know you are right for them and that they want you back. This realization will lead them to find any means to keep you around and a part of them.

4 Gemini: He’ll Try To Keep Communication Open

When a Gemini man wants to get back together with you, his approach is more subtle than some of the other signs. Rather than come straight out and admit to wanting you back, he’ll first try to see how you are doing. In his approach, he may seem curious or just trying to be your friend. In fact, Gemini men will most likely try to be your friend first. He’ll want to keep communication open between the two of you. Gemini can be very talkative and are overall social signs. So it might not seem like much that he checks in on you, asks about your family and friends, even talks about your likes and dislikes. This may all seem like general conversations for this sign and while that may be the case, it’s also his way of bringing you back into his life, because he wants you back!

3 Virgo: He’ll Slowly Reenter Your Life

Virgo men are careful about how they try to get back together with you. Fearing the rejection that perhaps you moved on, they’ll show up in your life slowly. They’ll want to remain friends, and justify spending more and more time with you as simply friends spending time together. He’ll stand by you through your good times and you bad times with endless patience and support every single one of your goals. He’ll reach out to you on a daily basis just to see how’re your doing. By solidifying a spot in your life, he is also solidifying your spot in his. He’s not trying to manipulate the situation in any way, rather he is only trying to remain active in your life; although he is secretly hoping that once he’s there you’ll want him back as your boyfriend again too!

2 Sagittarius: He’ll Remind You Of All The Good Times You Had Together

Sagittarius men will show you that they want you back through their attempts to remind you of all the good times you had together. The truth is, he has been thinking about all the good times of your past relationship and wants you to think about them too. He will be hung up on everything the two of you had, and will want to share in that happiness again. Through his optimism on how good the relationship was he will show you that he wants you back. Maybe he’ll tell you he’s been thinking about some of his favorite memories of the relationship, or maybe he will try to reenact one of the best dates the two of you shared, either way this sign would rather focus on the good than the bad. And he will use that to show you how he thinks you two should get back together.

1 Pisces: He’ll Honestly Tell You How He Feels

If a Pisces man wants you back, you can bet he won’t be beating around the bush. He’ll be direct and straightforward with you, telling you exactly how he feels. Pisces men aren’t afraid of their emotions. They may take some time to distance themselves after the split from your relationship. However, once they do get their emotions back in order and figure out that they still want to be with you, they will be upfront with you. While they’ll hope you feel the same, Pisces men would rather take the risk and let you know that they miss you than wonder about the what ifs. The way a Pisces man shows you that he wants you back is by laying his heart on the line and telling you exactly how he feels about you and how much he wants you back!

Here’s Which Zodiac Sign You’d Want To Have On A Deserted Island With You (His & Hers)

Haven’t you ever played a good game of ‘Would You Rather’? What about the deserted island edition? Well, it’s time to level it up by including some zodiac stats in the mix. You’d be surprised at some of these mixes, but it’s also pretty intriguing to see who makes the best combos in the zodiac when they’re put in a tough situation.

Our zodiac signs can reveal many things, including what we can usually handle, things we lack, and what characteristics are needed to keep us balanced. No one is perfect, just like no one zodiac sign is ideal. But seriousness aside, it’s fun to think about the kind of partner you would need if you were ever in a situation where you’re stuck on a deserted island.

Think about it. What can you put up with? What are you super unsure of within yourself? For all of us, there is plenty that we know we are in shortage of. But in order to survive this kind of situation, you have to keep in mind that you need to be entertained, get your needs met, and also make up for what isn’t exactly your expertise. Let’s face it, if you’re going to survive being stuck on a desert island with just one other person, it’s important to be realistic. After all, you’re going to need to survive physically and mentally.

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24 Gemini Man: The Libra Would Be Perfect Since He Needs To Lead Someone


The Gemini man needs change and excitement in his life. This is possible, but in all of the wrong ways, if they ever became stranded on a deserted island. They need a sign that can keep up with them, but also be willing to be lead into their world willingly. Libra’s can make great followers—not a dis!

Are you surprised by the fact that the Gemini man needs to lead as well? Lucky for him, the Libra is willing to learn from him and is full of surprises to keep him entertained as well. In turn, the Libra will enjoy the complexities that come with trying to understand the Gemini man. He is adventurous, and the Libra is so ready for any adventures that are to come.

23 Gemini Woman: Another Gemini, Since She Loves To Chat And Needs Someone Just As Talkative

The Unreal Life

Gemini women can be real talkers. There’s a reason they tend to lead the conversations that they are a part of; because they have so much to say. It’s not necessarily anything worthy either, but they enjoy being the ones with all of the talking points. It only makes sense to pair a Gemini woman with another Gemini who will understand her need to have an opinion on everything.

She also needs someone willing to actually listen to her and what she has to say. Otherwise, it’s likely that she’ll try to go off on her own in this situation. And when it comes to deserted islands, you’re better off together rather than on your own. She enjoys speaking her mind, so another Gemini will understand that she means no harm wither words.

22 Capricorn Man: Needs The Motivation That Only A Taurus Can Give

A Capricorn guy can be just as you imagined a standard man to be. He likes to have his ego stroked and can accomplish almost anything so long as he is constantly motivated. He works better with a partner rather than on his own. On the other hand, the Capricorn man will have a hard time revealing this to anyone. It takes the emotional intelligence of a Taurus to pick up on these things over time, and satisfy the Capricorn.

Of course, the Taurus is fantastic as taking care of other emotionally. And they’ll enjoy the positivity that is reflected back at them from a nourished Capricorn man. The Capricorn man is often labeled ‘difficult’ because of their lack of communication, but the Taurus knows how to bring out his best.

21 Capricorn Woman: Makes The Perfect Power Duo With Virgo

A Capricorn woman is often overlooked, but that’s a big mistake! She is low maintenance and very quick witted. This often lands her into trouble since it’s hard to take her seriously. That’s why a Virgo would benefit her. The Virgo knows exactly what it’s like to be overlooked and stepped over, and can inspire the Capricorn woman to reveal her best assets.

She is a rock for the Virgo to lean on, and the Virgo will appreciate her most for this since they are often stuck in their heads. The Capricorn woman will keep the Virgo centered and focused, and the Virgo will help her realize that she is capable of anything. Together, they could make the best out of being stuck on a deserted island like no other combo.

20 Taurus Man: Can Make All Of The Hard Decisions That A Pisces Can’t


The Pisces is one complicated sign. Even worse, is their inability to make decisions when things get rough. They are constantly second-guessing themselves, even if they don’t show it, and find it hard to have confidence in their choices. The Taurus man, on the other hand, has no problem making decisions, no matter how unpopular they may be.

He makes for a good leader because of this. When there is someone in need of his leadership, he will happily take his place as a major player. The Pisces will make him feel needed and will take initiative when the Taurus needs a break. He also needs to be kept constantly busy, and the Pisces will have no problem coming up with a list of chores for him to rightfully complete.

19 Taurus Woman: Needs The Nurturing Of A Cancer


A Taurus woman is often seen in the light of a mother. She may be the one to cook and clean, and of course, care for the people she loves. But she also needs to be nurtured in return. The Cancer will definitely be up to the task of making sure that the Taurus woman is well taken care of so she can go about her business.

In the end, she will be a stable partner for the Cancer, who hold a very deep, insecure streak among the rest of the zodiac signs. The Cancer needs to feel safe, and the Taurus knows exactly to achieve this kind of healthy harmony between the two signs that will help live a long and happy life even if they’re stuck on a deserted island.

18 Aquarius Man: Capable Of Fixing Anything With A Pisces By His Side


The Aquarius man doesn’t exactly wear his heart on his sleeve like a Pisces might. However, the Pisces can quickly inspire him to turn over a new leaf. They begin to create a very compassionate bond, which is new for the Aquarius, but much needed if they plan on surviving the wild together.

On their island, the Aquarius will be the one to build their roof and invent ways for the two to survive. While the Pisces offers him a much-needed break from the realities of their situation. With a realistic thinker like Aquarius, the mental break is essential for them to survive in the end. Problems are rare between these two signs, and the Aquarius will feel as if they can fix any situation with their thinking combined with the Pisces dreamy wonders.

17 Aquarius Woman: Can Adventure Off With Gemini


Gemini and Aquarius have the ability to be kindred spirits when their relationship is healthy. Of course, the pressures of being stuck on an island can cause some chaos, but they know that they are better together. They can easily start a very intimate conversation with each other that lasts for hours without them even realizing.

The Aquarius has more fun with others than on their own, and the Gemini can’t stand being alone either. The Gemini can tend to venture off on their own, but the Aquarius also has an adventurous streak that these too can relate to. They respect boundaries and know how to leave one another alone when they’ve overstayed their welcome. Of course, this situation would be common on a deserted island.

16 Cancer Man: Would Love To Protect The Virgo


Leave it to the Cancer man to be the perfect mix of tender and tough. Yes, they tend to be quite insecure, but are highly compassionate signs. Virgo’s can show them a thing or two about controlling their emotions, but Virgos are also a softer sign that needs to feel safe. Imagine this on a deserted island! The Cancer man will happily swoop down and become the Virgo’s protector.

In return, the Virgo will go out of their way to make sure the Cancer feel secure in their current situation, and if properly nurtured. The Virgo is often a sign that cares for other however they are needed, and they are happy to do so as well. Virgo’s are natural caretakers, and the Cancer will become stronger with them by their side.

15 Cancer Woman: Relates Best To The Goals Of A Taurus


There’s a reason that they call the Taurus a goal getter. Leave it to them to want to build a village on an abandoned island, even if they know it will just be them and another person. The Cancer woman appreciates the Taurus’ skills and motivation, which will move her to join in and cut that task list in half.

These two can achieve a lot in very little time when given the opportunity. And of course, they’ll have all the time in the world if they are stuck together on a remote island. The Taurus isn’t a great communicator overall, but with the Cancer woman to do all of the talking, the Taurus instantly builds a healthy bond with them. The two are quite intelligent so they won’t have any awkward moments to sulk about.

14 Pisces Man: Will Never Get Bored Of The Scorpio

The Scorpio can be pretty intense to the Pisces initially. There may be a delay in a good friendship or relationship between the two. But the Pisces will always come back for more because they are drawn to the Scorpio’s infamous charm and mystery. The Scorpio keeps them guessing, and the Pisces soon begins to understand the Scorpio ways.

It is rare if these two have any miscommunication. They are both good at speaking their minds, and the Pisces will surely put themselves in a Scorpio’s shoes to try and understand them. The Pisces requires the Scorpio to be tender, and they can train themselves to be this way over time. Let’s face it, you have all of the time in the world when you’re stuck on an island together.

13 Pisces Woman: Needs To Be Brought Back To Reality By Capricorn

Seeing as how otherworldly a Pisces can be, it’s no surprise that they are often mesmerized and need to be brought down to reality. Other signs may find this annoying about them, but the ultra-rational Capricorn makes for the perfect back-to-earth moment. Their differences are actually appealing to the two. They want to understand each other rather than initially reject one another.

The Pisces woman inspires the Capricorn to get in touch with a deeper side, which is quite an entertaining shock to the Capricorn. The spontaneity of the Pisces will serve to benefit both parties. She needs a mental escape, and frankly, so does the Capricorn, even if they don’t know it yet. They might not communicate very well, but it’s their tenacity in trying to understand each other that will win.

12 Sagittarius Man: Will Remain Blissfully Distracted By The Cancer

The Sagittarius man’s intentions aren’t always clear seeing as how unstable his emotions tend to be. He can really be the life of the party, but when it is just him on a remote island with one other sign, it should probably be a Cancer. The Cancer will probably have traits that the Sagittarius man will be in desperate need of, he just won’t know it.

The Cancer is more grounded and can help the Sagittarius get in touch with reality. While the Sagittarius man loves wild adventures, being trapped on a remote island is like a dream. He can create his own world with the help of the Cancer, who will help scale all of his grand ideas and make them more achievable. When it is just the two of them, the Sagittarius man will learn to become more reliable.

11 Sagittarius Woman: Wants A Wild Card Like Aries To Keep Them Entertained

Gifs Gallery

Give the Sagittarius a remote island, and you might bore her to death. She needs someone with her, and she needs an unpredictable wild card like the Aries. Aries is not an easy sign in general, most likely thanks to their super ego. However, they are very energetic and optimistic, which the Sagittarius woman feeds off of.

The Aries is capricious, and the Sagittarius woman loves this since she is known as a traveler, and maybe even a nomad to others. On the deserted island, she finally feels at home and can help the Aries adjust to being stuck somewhere where they can’t be worshiped or have their ego stroked 24/7. The two realize that they have a lot more in common than they originally thought, and they are also ready for adventure at a moments notice.

10 Libra Man: Can Conquer Any Obstacles With Gemini


These air signs have incredible compatibility because there are so many traits that each has that are identical to one another. The Libra man can seem pretty dependent on their partner, so if they are going to trapped on an island together, the other person has to be open to having a clingy companion.

These two are social butterflies, so you can imagine the conversations that they would be ready to share while they’re building a home on the remote island. They will have no problem getting along, and will genuinely enjoy each other’s company. This kind of kinship is sure to survive the drama of being trapped on an island without another soul in sight. The Libra will learn to enjoy the Gemini’s spontaneity.

9 Libra Man: Needs The Confidence Of An Aries To Fight His Indecision

Think of Aries and Libra as Mars and Venus. Venus is light and beautiful and full of love. Mars is often seen as fiery, hot-headed, but instinctive. These two will have a huge problem in the trust department. It is something that both have to build on, but with time it can get better. And time is all they will have on a remote island.

The Aries can stroke his own ego, while the Libra can sit in fascination and learn a thing or two in self-love. The Libra man is often indecisive. They aren’t exactly the best contender when it comes to making tough decisions. That’s why the Aries man will need to gladly step in and take the reins. They can teach the Libra to be more confident.

8 Scorpio Man: Works In Harmony With Cancer


Scorpios have the best chance of being understood by a Cancer. They are often seen as a darker sign, but the truth is that they’re simply misunderstood. Really, it’s their ability to emotionally repress themselves that causes them to reveal their dark side. The Cancer is not afraid of to witness this thanks to their innate curiosity.

The Cancer needs someone by their side who they can count on, and see as they’ll be trapped on an island together, they have no choice but to get to know one another. It’s as if they can communicate telepathically at some point. These two signs are highly intelligent and can quickly form a bond once the Scorpio opens up and embraces the possibilities of their situation with the Cancer.

7 Scorpio Woman: Can Conquer The World With Aquarius


This is a very intense combo, that can only work out when both parties are open to remaining real with one another. There is absolutely no trust between them at first. It’s not that they’re not both honest or straightforward, it’s that they are both very cold at first and take time to warm up.

But eventually, the Scorpio woman can be much clearer with her train of thought. And they realize that the Aquarius can make a very strong partner when it comes to surviving together on a deserted island. They are both very strong independent signs. They can divvy up all of the hard work and build a very easy alliance together that will make for a satisfying adventure. At the very least, they are entertained by one another.

6 Virgo Man: Craves The Mind Games Of A Gemini To Keep Him Alert


When it comes to logic, the Virgo man is a person moved only by reason. He enjoys that he is more of an intellectual than most are used to, but you should consider him more book smart than street smart. On the other hand, the Gemini really confuses the Virgo man. The Gemini seems like a dual personality to him.

In fact, without knowing, the Gemini is soon playing mind games with the Virgo man, which keeps him intrigued. In reality, the Gemini is just being themselves. It takes a while for these to click, but eventually, they do. And the Gemini will keep the Virgo on his feet, while also keeping him amused. These two are both ruled by Mercury, making them highly intellectual which can keep them both distracted from the realities of such a situation.

5 Virgo Woman: Needs The Easygoing Streak Of Taurus


The Virgo woman can be more complex than you think. She may be more of an introvert than you’re used to, but patience is key in getting her to open up and reveal her true potential. Virgos are often stuck in their own heads, debating things on their own and within themselves. The Taurus is much easier going and understands the need for patience when it comes to communicating with others.

The Taurus will make sure that the Virgo is not too hard on herself, as she tends to be. They can also teach the Virgo more about their grounded ways. After all, the Taurus understands that they are going to have all of the time in the world to complete the Virgo’s endless list of tasks and to-dos.

4 Aries Man: Needs To Kill The Dull Moments With Aquarius

An Aries man can get very bored, which is why they opt not to spend any time alone as much as possible. The Aquarius knows how to make their own fun, and doesn’t feel the need to wait for others to fall in line in order to do so. When egos collide, it could be a disaster, or very exciting.

On a good note, these two can make for an excellent support system for one another. Plus, they’re both balls of energy so if one of them drops, the other has no problem picking the other back up and getting ready for another exciting adventure. They understand each other’s need for space, and often times can wind up having a genuinely good time doing anything.

3 Aries Woman: Will Make Sparks In Any Situation With Sagittarius


The Aries woman is a fire sign. Don’t get scared now. That just means that she can be one passionate lady when it comes to the things and people that she loves. In order to make things work on a deserted island, she needs someone who is just as strong as she is. In comes the Sagittarius. At first, the Sagittarius can be off-putting to her. She doesn’t get them.

But soon enough, she will realize how fun-loving and spirited a Sagittarius can really be. The Aries woman is a sign of action, as is the Sagittarius. This means that they can get a lot of things accomplished, and together it’s as if they are conquering the world. They both need honesty, and in return give it so their bond is genuine.

2 Leo Man: Can Be Like Mr. & Mrs. Smith With Aries

You may wonder why the Leo is so into themselves. They are energized by the sun, which rules itself. He is a lion, and maybe for his own good he needs to be tamed. That’s why a headstrong Aries makes sense. The Aries isn’t afraid of the lion’s roar, which is perfect. The Leo man needs a challenge, and often lets others fall by the wayside when they are too intimidated by him.

Aries is ruled by aggressive Mars, but these fire signs make heat, which isn’t such a bad thing when they’re left on their own on a deserted island. When they get past the ego, these two realize that they have a lot in common, and make better friends than enemies. Best case scenario, they eventually cut loose on the mind games and make the perfect team.

1 Leo Woman: Can Divide And Accomplish Goals With Sagittarius


These two fire signs are as similar as you think. The Leo is fixed, and the Sagittarius is mutable. This can make for a very warm bond. The two really enjoy each other’s company and get along very well. But it can be Leo’s ego that rubs the Sagittarius the wrong way. The Sagittarius has no need to compete with the Leo, but the Leo may see things another way.

The Sagittarius understand the Leo more than they may know, so it really is up to the Leo to push past all of the bells and whistles and form a real bond together. They can quickly become best friends, and make the island a true paradise when they let go of the superficial and petty possible arguments.

Here’s What Your Wedding Theme Will Be, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

When planning a wedding, there are a ton of different elements to consider. There’s the photographer, who will perhaps have the longest lasting effect on your wedding, as you’ll be looking at those photos for years to come. There’s the wedding dress, which, let’s be honest, is really the reason most of us are doing this. There’s the band versus DJ debate. There’s a lot of decisions, ladies.

However, the biggest decision of all may be the theme of your wedding. Yes, THE THEME. What does this even mean? Well, it’s definitely vague. It mostly means the overall vibe of your wedding. There are also so many themes to choose from: barnyard, Old Hollywood, modern, traditional, beach. And the thing is, the theme dictates everything. The theme will help you pick the perfect date, venue, and cake. Even your wedding dress will play into the theme. Seriously, because you can’t wear a ball gown to a beach wedding or a boho dress to a traditional wedding. The theme dictates everything, which kind of makes it the most important decision. There’s pressure, I know. But we’re here to help! Below we have the perfect wedding theme based on your zodiac sign. If you’re getting married, it’ll help point you in the right direction based on the stars. If you’re not getting married… well, we’ve all been planning our wedding since we were, like, six, so it’ll be useful to you too.

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16 Earth Signs: Traditional Weddings With Just A Touch Of Trendy

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Earth signs – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn – are all known for their down to earth nature. They are very grounded, logical, and analytic signs. They aren’t dreamers, who believe in fake fairy tale love. Instead, the earth signs understand that love takes work and isn’t always fun. But that’s cool because earth signs are up to the challenge. They are devoted, loyal, and stable in relationships.

The earth signs generally like weddings to reflect this down to earth and realistic nature, so they tend to go with more traditional weddings. Classic and traditional weddings are a beautiful way to connect your wedding with all the weddings of the past. Saying the same vows in the same space while wearing the same color dress may make one feel connected to their parents, grandparents, and all of the older generations who had made a marriage work.

Of course, these signs do like a touch of something flashy, so expect a few trendy elements, like a photo shoot, sparklers, or a late-night food truck. I mean, they can’t have a wedding that’s too traditional. Well, except for the Virgo.

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15 Taurus: Rustic, Barnyard Wedding With Plenty Of Wood And Candles

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Taurus, you’ll love a barnyard wedding, which is much chicer than it sounds. In fact, barnyard weddings have become a huge trend. What’s a barnyard wedding like? Well, they feature a lot of wood. Like, a lot of wood. Wood everywhere. But you’ll love this, as you’re a sign very connected with nature and natural products. The rustic vibe will create an intimate and back-to-basics feel for your wedding. Image lots of string lights, baby breath flowers, and The Lumineers playing. Boom, that’s your wedding.

Instead of going full-blown barnyard, some wineries have great options for a rustic style wedding. In this case, you may see barrels of wine as the décor, so if you’re wine lover this is a perfect route.

As a Taurus, you can occasionally have the need to be extra glam, but make sure to match your version of glam to the wedding. If you do a barnyard wedding, a 100-foot train may not go with the aesthetic. Though, you could probably get away with a ball gown with a ton of tulle, as it’ll add a Snow White element with the woodsy theme. There’s totally a way to incorporate your glam self into a barnyard wedding, you just have to get creative.

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14 Virgo: Classic Wedding With A Sit-Down Dinner And Champagne Toast

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Virgo, you generally don’t love all the attention being on you. In fact, you’ll pass on the attention if you can. You’re the hardest working sign of the zodiac, so you tend to find yourself in positions that earn your attention. This can make you blush, as you’re more into keeping your head down and working rather than standing for a round of applause.

Because of this, you’re likely to have a very traditional, classic wedding. Yes, it’s a day that you’ll have to have all eyes on you and you’ll just have to deal with that. However, you’d rather not have any extra eyes with trendy new things that you’re grandparents are going to have to ask you about. Plus, you’re much more analytical than creative, so opting for a DIY trend is not your cup of tea. However, you are very good with creating spreadsheets to keep track of your guests and the vendors.

As for flair, you’d opt for a more traditional flair. Think a champagne toast or chocolate fountain. Instead of a confetti bar – which, yes, your grandparents will ask you what’s going on there – opt for an ice sculpture. It’s more your style.

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13 Capricorn: Holiday-Themed Wedding Influenced By The Season

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Capricorn, you’re both traditional and showy. You’re very concerned with hitting certain milestones in life, like buying a house, having a baby and, of course, getting married. And when you do hit these milestones, you want to make sure everyone notices. Long story short, your wedding is a big deal to you and you want it to be a big deal to everyone else as well. Planning a wedding around a holiday is a perfect way to bring all your loved ones together to celebrate and make sure they know it’s basically a national holiday. Whether it’s Christmas, New Year’s Eve, the 4th of July, or St. Patty’s Day, incorporating a holiday into your theme will make your wedding seem larger than life. It’ll also inspire you décor-wise. A Christmas wedding will be festive with many red elements. A New Year’s Eve wedding will feature confetti, sparklers, and lots of glitter. And so on.

When it comes to planning your wedding, pick a holiday or season that you’d most want to incorporate into our wedding theme and go from there.

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12 Water Signs: Emotional Weddings Very Connected To Nature

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Water signs – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces – are all very emotional signs, though this may come out in different ways. The Cancer is a homebody, who is driven to negativity by insecurity. The Scorpio feels all the feelings but plays everything so close to the chest. The Pisces is a whimsical creature straight out of a Wes Anderson film. What these signs do have in common is that they feel a lot. Like, A LOT. And so, they want their weddings to reflect these emotions.

Instead of embracing traditional, straight-laced weddings, water signs will opt for weddings that allow them to feature their feelings and emotions. They will curate a special playlist, write their own vows, and have pictures of themselves through the years hanging up. They really want their guests to see their wedding as an expression of love and that may lead them to some quirky, but emotional wedding ideas.

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11 Cancer: Beach Wedding That’s Less About The Glam And More About The Love

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Cancer, you can be a crabby homebody from time to time. It’s not that you don’t like going out, it’s simply that you feel most energized after spending time in your harmonious home. Some people get their energy from socializing, experiencing new things, and traveling to distant places. You, on the other hand, feel energized about a bubble bath, Netflix marathon, and face mask. To each their own, but you should seriously consider this in wedding planning. You won’t feel energized if your wedding is ridged and refined. If it’s too structured and requiring too much social energy, it’ll drain you instead of filling you up with love. For this reason, a laid-back beach wedding is the way to go. It’ll feel more like a party on the beach than a wedding. You won’t feel drained from expectations. Instead, you’ll have fun on the beach with your family and friends. There’s also the added bonus that as a water sign, you’ll feel a connection to the water.

If you don’t want to go full-blown beach wedding, a venue that overlooks water or a pier wedding as also great options.

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10 Scorpio: Very Intimate, Personal Wedding Where People Are Lucky They Made The Cut

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Scorpio, embrace you private nature on your wedding day. Because you’re someone who plays things so close and takes a long time to warm up to new people, have a very intimate ceremony. This way, you’ll be surrounded by only that very close group of people you consider your inner circle and you won’t have to waste time chatting up that distance friend from high school who got a pity invite.

The more intimate the wedding, the more fun it often is. People are able to really let loose and get wild, as they likely already know or have had the time to talk to everyone there. The intimacy of a small wedding will also make all your guests feel so very special for making the cut. Your wedding will feel like a special secret you’re only sharing with your closest friends, which can be a nice change in our over-sharing social media world

If you must expand the wedding to include some distance family or friends, find special ways to create an intimate atmosphere. Low light, candles, and close seating can help create the appearance of a smaller wedding, even if there’s a larger crowd.

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9 Pisces: Garden Fairy Tale Wedding Because There’s No Such Thing As Too Many Flowers

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Pisces, you’re a fairy tale princess. Or at least, this is how you want to feel on your wedding day. As a romantic, whimsical creature, you can get swept away in the romance of love. You love the end of romantic comedies. You love happy endings. You love love. And if there’s one day to embrace this side of your personality, it’s your wedding day. So seriously turn your wedding day into a magical fairy tale. I’m talking flowers on flowers on flowers. If your wedding looks like a flower bomb exploded everywhere, great! An outdoor wedding will only add to the fairytale theme, as it’ll feel like a little adventure. Sure, you may feel bad for making your man embrace 6,000 flowers, but he should be used to that by now.

Continuing with the fairy tale theme, going with a flowy dress, romantic braided hair, and pretty pink makeup will make you feel like Sleeping Beauty or whoever your favorite Disney princess is.

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8 Air Signs: Weddings Without Rules And Laid-Back Vibes

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Air signs – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius – march to their own beat. These signs can come off as flighty and noncommittal because of their airy nature. Like air itself, the air signs can bounce from one thing to another without a moment’s notice. They are free and untamed. These signs are also very social and curious. They tend to question the status quo and they may be questioning the status quo of weddings. The air signs may wonder why they have to spend this money, why they have to say certain vows, why, why, why.

Because of this, you can almost certainly count on the air signs to break wedding rules. Their weddings will focus on socializing rather than tradition. As a result, the air signs have some of the most fun weddings anyone will ever attend.

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7 Gemini: Casual Wedding More About Socializing And Fun, There Will Probably Be Food Trucks

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Gemini, you’re known as the sign of the twin because it’s like there are two (or seven) people living inside of you. You have countless ideas, questions, and beliefs, all of which sometimes contradict each other. In fact, you’re always contradicting yourself, but it’s okay. Everyone lets you slide on this since you’re so much fun. And you want you’re wedding to be fun too. Think balloons, photobooths, and maybe even a pinata. You may even skip the traditional sit-down dinner and opt for hors-d’oeuvres to be passed the entire time instead. Or hey, maybe a food truck! All you know if that you want people to be dancing, laughing, and drinking the whole night.

If you can’t decide on one dress, because let’s be honest you’re not the best at being decisive, plan for two dresses! Three dresses! FOUR! It’s your wedding day and you can have as many wardrobe changes as you like, girl.

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6 Libra: Vintage Wedding With Many Personal Elements And Nods To Both Families

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Libra, you’re such a social person, but being social can sometimes drive you crazy. Because you’re levelheaded, fair, and kind, you tend to be a mediator. You are the one smoothing things over and making everyone happy. These traits will certainly come in handy while planning your wedding, as you’ll be dealing with demands from your mother, your future mother-in-law, and even your second cousin who has a lot of opinions.

In order to make everyone happy, incorporate vintage elements into your wedding theme. Wear your fiancé’s grandmother’s brooch and your grandmother’s pearls. Put up photos of the older generations on their wedding. Play your parent’s wedding song. Whatever it may be, build history into your wedding day. You’re a people pleaser and this is an easy way to please people without having to sacrifice anything you’d want on your wedding day. When it comes to the actual day, forget about pleasing people and have fun. You’re wearing his grandmother’s brooch and that should be good enough for all them, okay!

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5 Aquarius: City Hall Wedding, But With A Huge Reception After

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Aquarius, you question everything in life. You question questions. In fact, most of your questions led to more questions and then more questions. Because of this, you’ll especially question wedding traditions. I mean, why do people go through all of that? You may just elope and tell everyone afterward. You may also decide to do a city hall wedding with a huge reception afterward. This way, you’ll enjoy a private moment with your special person and then get to party with everyone you love. Or hey, maybe you’ll just completely forgo the whole wedding thing altogether. Who needs it?

Whatever the case, you’ll find a way to get married that is so very true to you, which is what wedding really should be about. And hey, if you decide you do want to indulge in a big, traditional wedding, don’t judge yourself too harshly for it. Yes, you love the fact that you march to your own beat, but it’s okay to sometimes crave traditional things.

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4 Fire Signs: Over-The-Top Decadence And Sophistication

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Fire signs – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius – are, well, fiery. What else would you expect from them? They’re fire signs, after all. These signs are all high-energy, competitive, and ambitious. Because of these qualities, they often try to outdo others. They just want to be the best at everything, especially their wedding.

They want their wedding to be the absolute best and completely iconic as if it’s the only wedding that has ever mattered. The fire signs my achieve this by one of two ways. They may have the most elegant, over-the-top wedding of all time. Or they may opt for a completely original wedding with specific, sentimental, and quirky touches, which will help their wedding completely standout.

Whatever the case, you can expect a fire sign’s wedding to be the most something of all weddings. And yes, it will be very, very extra.

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3 Aries: Classic Wedding With An Old Hollywood Flair, Think Great Gatsby!

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Aries, you’re the first sign of the zodiac and, therefore, obsessed with being first in… everything. Because of this, you may want to travel back in time a bit for your wedding day and evoke the glamour of a dreamy, bygone era. Whether it’s the Victorian era, Old Hollywood, roaring ‘20s, or something else, you’ll bring elements of this into your special day. By doing this, you align your wedding day with the legacy of Old Hollywood glamour of roaring ‘20s debauchery, making your wedding iconic in the same way. Think a formfitting dresses, decadent utensils, and a deep, rich color scheme. Or hey, go all out and do a masquerade ball.

Whatever it is that makes you feel like your wedding is the most decadent of all time, do it.

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2 Leo: Glamour And Excess With Chocolate Fountains And Ice Sculptures

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Leo, you’re not afraid to be the center of attention. In fact, you love being the center of attention and you’ll definitely love it even more on your wedding day. For your particular wedding day, you want everything to be big and bold, and then even bigger and bolder. You’ll think why just have an eight-tier cake when you can have a ten-tier cake? Like, why do a wedding if you’re not going to do the wedding all the way? Of course, it may take some time to have the funds for this kind of a wedding, so a long engagement may help in that regard. Plus, the longer the engagement, the longer you get to be the center of attention. Win-win!

One thing to keep in mind is that everything should fit together in some way. Your theme cannot just be the biggest and the best. You have to find a way for that ice sculpture, flying doves, and fireworks to all fit together. And if they don’t, cut something.

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1 Sagittarius: Modern Wedding In An Industrial Space With Focus On Geometric Shapes Over Flowers

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Sagittarius, you’re all about meeting new people and experiencing new things. Because of this draw to new experiences, you’re always on the cutting edge of things. For this reason, you’ll love a modern wedding. Getting married in a modern space – think brick walls, pillars, lots of light, industrial feel – will make you feel like your wedding is cutting edge and new. It’ll feel different from all those stuff weddings you’ve attended, even if you do indulge in the same traditions as said stuffy weddings.

The vibe will feel cool, laid-back, and contemporary. Sure, your older relatives may think getting married against a brick wall is a little… out there. But anyone your age, who likely has to attend a ton of weddings a year, will appreciate the cool vibe, laid-back vibe.

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The Zodiac Sign That’s The Love Of Your Life And The One To Stay Away From

When you’re single, it’s easy to daydream about when you finally meet the person that is going to be, well, your person. You see happy couples all around you, from your best friend and her long-term boyfriend to random people on the subway. It’s tough to stay positive and enjoy the fact that you have all the freedom of the single lifestyle when you honestly just want someone to call your own. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to fall in love.

People always say that when you meet the person who’s the right one for you, “you’ll just know.” It sounds great but how do you know if that’s really going to happen to you? How do you know that you’re going to go on a first date that will give you tons of butterflies and will be pure magic… and that’ll be the last first date that you ever go on? Basically, how do you know who your one true love is? You can start by thinking about your zodiac sign. After all, your sign can tell you so much about yourself, you might as well use it to think about your love life. You can figure out who your dream guy is…. and who you should never, ever even think about dating. Read on to find out the zodiac sign that’s the love of your life and the one to definitely stay away from!

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24 Aquarius: The Love Of Your Life Are Sagittarius’

If you’re an Aquarius, then your dream guy is definitely a Sagittarius. Why? Because both of these zodiac signs hate being in dull situations or places. You’ll have that in common, and it’s definitely a good idea to have a lot of things in common with someone that you’re dating.

While the Aquarius isn’t as much of a travel buff as the Sagittarius is, the Sagittarius would probably inspire them to want to see more places, and they could travel together. Their relationship would be one full of fun and adventure and spontaneity. Since you hate being bored and want life to be as fun as possible, this sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? Just think about how completely romantic every day would be if you had a boyfriend like this. He would absolutely be the love of your life.

23 Aquarius: Stay Away From Taurus’


Aquarius signs don’t like when someone thinks that they’re wrong or has another opinion, and Taurus signs are notorious for being very stubborn.

So basically, these two would be horrible together and wouldn’t like each other at all. Once they met, it would be dislike at first sight, definitely not love. If you’re an Aquarius sign, then you already know that you can’t stand when people tell you that you’re wrong and that you should see things from another perspective. Just imagine how frustrating it would be if you met a guy who was a Taurus and he did the same thing. You two would never be able to get along, so it’s probably best to know that now instead of going on a truly annoying first date. You’ve been on enough of those, haven’t you?!

22 Pisces: The Love Of Your Life Are Virgos

These two signs would make an awesome match because they’re both fairly sensitive. Pisces are known for being in touch with their emotions and being cool with other people’s feelings, and Virgos are known for being shy and quiet. If these two got together, the Pisces sign would help the Virgo be more comfortable with talking about their feelings.

If you’re a Pisces, then you’ve probably heard from a lot of people that you need to chill out and get a handle on your emotions. You’ve shrugged it off because you can’t help it — this is just the way that you are. The love of your life is a Virgo sign because he’s not going to tell you anything close to that. Instead, he’ll want to hear everything that you have to say and everything that you’re feeling, and he’ll be an amazing listener and reliable partner.

21 Pisces: Stay Away From Scorpios


Pisces signs are emotional and sensitive, and Scorpio signs are full of passion and confidence. They like to be in charge and might be too much for the sensitive Pisces.

If you want someone who tells you that you need to “calm down” and stop feeling things so deeply, then sure, go ahead and date a guy who’s a Scorpio. But chances are, you don’t want to hear those things from someone, let alone someone that you’re dating and considering getting into a relationship with. Picture yourself on a first date with a Scorpio. You would probably get really upset and fast because he would be way too outgoing and too bold for you, and the whole evening would be a total disaster. It’s definitely not a match.

20 Aries: The Love Of Your Life Are Libras

If you’re an Aries sign, then start dating Libras ASAP because this is going to be the person for you.

Being an Aries means that you’re very organized and determined to do whatever you’ve set out to do. Despite your reputation for being in bad moods a lot of the time, you’re generally a really positive person. That’s good news for Libra signs because these two would make an amazing couple. Libra signs love being social and always want things to be fair. Libras don’t like to fight with anyone, so if they dated a Taurus, they would be really good at calming them down and turning their bad mood into a good one. You’ve probably figured out by now that you need someone who is going to be a calming presence in your life.

19 Aries: Stay Away From Taurus’


These two signs wouldn’t work well together because they are way too alike. They’re both stubborn, prone to bad moods, and want to be right in every situation or conversation they’re a part of.

You’re a passionate person as an Aries and the last thing that you need is to date a guy who is stubborn and tells you that he’s always right and you’re always wrong. You’re moody enough so you definitely can’t date someone who is just as moody as you are. It would be the worst idea ever. At first, if you two did try to date, you might think that things were great because you would both be passionate and that might be kind of hot. But after a while, you would realize that this guy is too much like you and that you need someone who balances you out more.

18 Taurus: The Love Of Your Life Are Virgos

At first glance, these two zodiac signs might seem like they have absolutely nothing in common. You’re a Taurus and you know that you’re stubborn. Sure, you’re probably super annoyed at hearing that because everyone asks why you’re so stubborn and hears that you’re a Taurus sign and is all, “Oh, everything makes tons of sense now.” But it’s true. You’re stubborn. Virgos are known for being shy and quiet.

But if you think about it, Taurus and Virgo would fall truly, madly, deeply in love for a good reason: they’re both logical, stable, reliable people. They would be able to commit to each other and know that the other person was dependable. You should definitely find a Virgo guy and you just might fall deeply in love with him.

17 Taurus: Stay Away From Leos

Taurus signs are stubborn, and so are Leos. But what makes them impossible in a romantic situation is the fact that Taurus signs don’t like when anything in their life changes. Leo signs are totally all about change because they thrive on having an exciting life where they are always the life of the party.

Of course, change is a part of life and it’s something that doesn’t, well, change. But you’re a Taurus sign and you can’t handle change. It’s really hard for you. It would suck to date a guy who was literally all about change and who could adapt to different things and situations very quickly and easily. You wouldn’t be able to understand each other, and that’s no way to be when you’re entering a relationship.

16 Gemini: The Love Of Your Life Are Leos

Leos and Geminis would make a great couple because Leos are so outgoing and confident and Geminis have an innate interest in learning about other people.

You’re a Gemini and you can’t help it: you’re always interested when you meet someone new. You ask them a million questions and can’t wait until you know everything that there is to know about them. This might make first dates a tiny bit awkward when you become more of an interviewer than a date, but hey, it’s okay. It’s just the way that you are and you don’t mean any harm. If you’re a Gemini and you meet a guy who’s a Libra, he would be your dream boyfriend because you would be fascinated by him. And he would be thrilled to tell you all about him. Before you two knew it, you would be in love.

15 Gemini: Stay Away From Virgos

Geminis don’t like following an organized schedule or when something is dull. Virgos, on the other hand, love schedules and routines and doing the same things all the time. At the very least, these two zodiac signs would bore each other, and they just wouldn’t get each other.

How would you feel if you dated a Virgo guy and learned how into routine and schedules and organization he is? While a Virgo is going to be an amazing boyfriend because he’s loyal and organized and will never let you down, which are things that anyone would want in a partner, he’s just not the right one for you. You’re going to be bored by his love of routine and he won’t get why you’re so free-spirited. It just won’t work.

14 Cancer: The Love Of Your Life Are Pisces’

These two signs are very much in touch with their feelings and would fall hard for each other and be able to really enjoy the experience of falling in love.

Being a Cancer sign, you know that you’re a homebody, and that would be perfect because when you’re in the beginning of a relationship, who wants to leave the house?! You just want to cuddle on the couch with the person that you like so, so much and watch movies and eat junk food. Nothing sounds better. A Pisces guy is your absolute perfect match because he’ll be sweet and romantic and make every date even more amazing than the last one. You won’t believe your good luck, and the two of you will be happy.

13 Cancer: Stay Away From Geminis

Source: Favim

If you’re a Cancer, the zodiac sign that you need to stay away from is definitely a Gemini. Why? Because the two of you live completely different, opposite lifestyles.

You’re a Cancer sign and that means that you’re a homebody. You like spending a lot of time at, well, home, and that’s going to remain true when you get into a relationship. It’ll be even truer because you’ll want to curl up on the couch with the great guy that you just started dating and you’ll want to do that all the time. Geminis get bored when they’re in a routine and are much more social than Cancer signs. Since they would want to go out all the time and you wouldn’t want to, it wouldn’t work out very well.

12 Leo: The Love Of Your Life Are Aquarius’

If you’re a Leo, then you know that you’re super outgoing and confident. You’re used to being the one who is in charge of every possible situation, and you’re definitely more of a leader than a follower. It would never even occur to you to be a follower. You want to be the one doing everything and making all of the decisions.

The love of your life would be an Aquarius sign. Sometimes they’re really quiet and other times, they’re the life of the party. That would be really good for you because sometimes, you can be way too conceited and want too much attention. If you were with an Aquarius, their quiet nature would balance you out. And if they were in a more outgoing mood, it would be good for you to share the spotlight.

11 Leo: Stay Away From Pisces’

If you’re a Leo, then you definitely need to stay away from a Pisces. You two would never work in a romantic situation because Leo signs wouldn’t be able to handle your personality. Specifically, they wouldn’t be able to handle how emotional, gentle, and sensitive you are.

If there’s one major thing to know about Leos, it’s that they have pretty big personalities. They need to be the center of attention at all times and they wouldn’t be able to deal with you. The two of you would basically be a disaster. It would be clear from the very first date that you two have nothing in common and that you just can’t get along, let alone start something up. This is the zodiac sign that you should stay away from for sure.

10 Virgo: The Love Of Your Life Are Aries’

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They say that opposites attract, and that just might be the case here.

Virgos are on the shy and quiet side and enjoy reading, cleaning, and following a routine. Aries can be moody but are also super passionate. These two signs would be good for each other and balance each other out. Being a Virgo sign, you’re more on the practical side of the personality spectrum, and you’ve probably wished that you had a bit more fun and excitement in your life. Sure, you love your books and sticking close to home and hanging out with the people that you’re comfortable around. But you might want to do a bit more. With an Aries sign, your life would be filled with passion, and it would be a truly amazing experience.

9 Virgo: Stay Away From Leos

Virgos and Leos would be a horrible match. Virgos are shy, quiet, and logical people, whereas Leos are outgoing and, well, out there. They just wouldn’t get each other because they have totally opposite personalities.

Yes, on some level opposites do attract, just like the popular saying goes. But can you really see yourself dating someone who is so opposite from you? Sure, you might say yes in theory, but in reality, it would be a totally different story. You don’t do well with really outgoing people since you’re just not, so you shouldn’t even think about dating a Leo. You should stay away from this guy for sure and think about dating literally any other zodiac sign. It would be a much better idea.

8 Libra: The Love Of Your Life Are Pisces’

These two signs would understand each other since they’re both friendly and social and fairly emotional and sensitive.

If you’re a Libra sign, you have more in common with a Pisces than you might even realize. You’re both interesting because although being so sensitive might make it seem like you want to stay home all the time and not be around other people, you’re actually pretty social. You enjoy being around people and you like talking to them and getting to know them. The Pisces guy is the love of your life because he’ll be similar enough to you that you’ll have stuff in common, but he’ll be a bit more emotional, and that’ll be good for you. It’s always good to have a partner who can talk about how they’re feeling and what’s going on.

7 Libra: Stay Away From Taurus’

Taurus signs are stubborn and compromise isn’t something that they’ve figured out how to do, nor do they ever want to. That’s a problem for Libra signs, who are all about keeping the peace and helping others.

You’re a social person and really like being around others and hearing what their stories and experiences are. You’re not going to like dating a Taurus guy because they haven’t learned the art of the compromise yet. They think that they’re right all the time and they won’t change their mind about anything. Since you’ve got such a warm, gentle heart and personality, that’s not going to be great for you, and before you know it, you’ll be super frustrated. This is no way to start, let alone sustain, a relationship.

6 Scorpio: The Love Of Your Life Are Leos

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These two signs want to have fun and adventure. They’re both very outgoing and would have a good time together no matter what they were doing.

Yup, the Leo guy is definitely the one for you if you’re a Scorpio. You would be a great match for his confidence and outgoing personality and you wouldn’t think that he was too much to deal with. In fact, you would find his personality super charming and attractive. He would be the love of your life and you wouldn’t be able to believe your luck. If you’ve always dreamed of falling in love and feeling like you couldn’t even believe how much your life had changed because you now had this great guy in it, this is the guy that you’ve been thinking about.

5 Scorpio: Stay Away From Virgos

Scorpios are fun-loving and outgoing and want to have adventures, and that goes for their love life, too. They wouldn’t understand how Virgos can be such intellectual, shy, quiet people.

When you’re thinking about the person that you want to be with, you really have to consider your personality and lifestyle. It’s not great if you’re all about going out all the time and meeting new people and having new experiences… and your partner would rather stay home and binge-watch something. It’s not impossible to date someone who is different from you, of course, and couples make it work all the time. But as a Scorpio, a Virgo isn’t going to be your perfect match, and you two just won’t get along very well, let alone fall deeply and hopelessly in love.

4 Sagittarius: The Love Of Your Life Are Libras

If you’re a Sagittarius, you love feeling free and you’re definitely more of a travel buff than a homebody. The idea of being home a lot and just chilling out and relaxing totally freaks you out. You get that other people love that but not you. You want to go out and have fun and travel as much as you can.

You would get along really well with a Libra sign, which is why a Libra guy is the one for you and the person that you should keep an eye out for. Libras are really awesome because they care about others deeply and always want to keep the peace in any given situation. You both have more of a gentle, hippie-ish personality and would balance each other out.

3 Sagittarius: Stay Away From Cancers

These two signs are total opposites… and not the good kind that attracts and are a great match. Nope. It’s just not a good idea for you to date a guy who’s a Cancer sign if you’re a Sagittarius.

How come? Well, Sagittarius signs love to travel and feel free and have more of a hippie mentality. Cancer signs are homebodies. You would get bored ASAP if you started dating someone like this. Sure, you might convince yourself at first that it was totally fine and that you could stand a few nights in to relax and chill out. But after a while, you would start bugging them to get off the couch and go out, and what’s more, you would wonder why they didn’t feel the need and desire to travel as much as you. You’re just too different.

2 Capricorn: The Love Of Your Life Are Cancers

Capricorns and Cancers would be a great romantic match because they’re both essentially homebodies. While Cancers are more obvious homebodies who don’t want to tell people a lot about themselves, Capricorns love hanging out with their family and following traditions that mean a lot to them.

Just imagine how perfect it would be if you met a guy like this. Instead of wondering why you don’t want to go out and party more, he would totally get it since that’s exactly what he’s like. The two of you could cozy up at home on weekends and cook, read, watch movies, and just talk and hang out. It would be your idea of paradise and his, too. A guy who’s a Cancer sign is absolutely the love of your life.

1 Capricorn: Stay Away From Libras

Capricorn signs tend to act like they know everything about everything, and that’s not something that gentle, friendly, peaceful Libras would enjoy.

If you date a guy who’s a Libra sign, you might honestly not understand why he seems so upset with you and why the first date is such a frustrating experience for him. It’s not that you’re a jerk or anything. You’re just a bit of a know-it-all and you feel like you have a right to your own opinions… and, yeah, you’re going to say your opinions a lot. You’re just too much and too big of a personality for a Libra sign. This is the sign that you should totally stay away from… which is completely fine. Just think of it as being one step closer to finding your perfect match.

What’s Your One Purpose In Life Based On Your Zodiac Sign

We all spend a lot of time thinking about what we’re really supposed to be doing in life. What is our true purpose? How are we supposed to be spending the next five, ten, fifteen years? What should be working towards? Where will our passions lead us?

Society tells us that we should do certain things—go to college, start working in an office, get married, buy a house, have children and a white picket fence. You get the idea. But not everyone is meant for that path—in fact, these days, we are seeing more and more people break out of this traditional mode and go after their dreams and passions instead. However, even though we have more choices today, it can still be very difficult to figure out what we actually want to do.

Some people figure out their purpose during college, while others know from a very young age. Others don’t realize it until their thirties or forties! If you’ve been pondering this question lately, you’re in luck, because we’re about to let you in on a secret—your zodiac sign can help you figure it out. Here is your true purpose in life, based on astrology.

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16 Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Source: Favim

Every single sign will have their own unique purpose, but signs that fall under the same element will generally share some similarities in their paths in life. So, what are fire signs supposed to be doing? Well, these signs love to shake things up and change things around them. They are definitely not satisfied with the status quo—seriously, just try telling a Sagittarius that she’s supposed to marry a nice guy, settle down in the suburbs, and become a stay at home mom. Or try to imagine your closest Leo friend sitting in a boring cubicle day after day and being satisfied with that. Nope, not happening! Fire signs are meant to go after their passions with, well, all that fire in their spirit—they truly live up to their name.

15 Aries: You Will Help Others Out Of Their Comfort Zones

Source: Favim

Aries, you are on the most adventurous signs in the entire zodiac. You are not the type to settle for anything less than what you truly want, and you don’t want to see other people settling, either. Although you do have a stubborn streak, and some people think of you as selfish, your purpose actually involves helping others. Yup, it’s funny how life can work out that way sometimes! Your true purpose involves pushing other people out of their comfort zones. This can look different depending on your career path. For example, you could become a tour guide, encouraging people to travel and explore new places. You could even become a teacher, helping your students decide what they want to do and making it a reality for them. Or you could become a motivational speaker!

14 Leo: You Will Inspire Others

Source: Favim

Leo, no matter what you end up doing in life, you will end up being an inspiration to others. You are such a hard worker, you go for whatever you want and put your whole heart into it, and you just don’t hold back. There are so many possibilities in terms of your career, but this path will vary for each Leo, because you are all unique in your own way. However, one thing is certain—your career and accomplishments will inspire other people in some way. You will most likely take on a major leadership role wherever you work, which could eventually lead to starting your own business. You’ll be so good at leading others that many of the people you work with will feel compelled to work harder towards their own goals.

13 Sagittarius: You Will Travel The World

Source: Favim

Sagittarius, hearing this may come as a relief to you because traveling has probably been a dream for you since you were a little kid! It has never been easy for you to stay in one place, and you have always imagined what it would be like to travel the world. It may take you a while to travel as far as you want to, but you can always keep that adventurous spirit alive! And you will see the world one day—it’s written in the stars for you. You may be wondering, “Okay, I’ll get to see the world, but how will that help other people? Am I selfish?” Through traveling, you will have the opportunity to connect people across cultures and educate others about the world around them.

12 Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Source: Favim

Earth signs, you have a complicated relationship with your “purpose,” whatever it may be. Some days, you feel very set on what you want to do, and you’re prepared to go for it with everything you’ve got. If only you could feel that way all the time! Sadly, that’s not the case. Other days, you feel a little frustrated—because earth signs are very grounded and practical, you may second guess yourself if your passion falls outside the realm of what society deems “acceptable.” For instance, you might have faith in yourself that you could start a business or have a creative career, but it goes against what others view as traditional, and this can scare you. Don’t freak out—just keep reading! We’re here to help.

11 Taurus: You Will Spread Mindfulness

Source: Favim

Taurus, it may come as a shock to you that you are not destined to work at an office job. You’ve always done well in school, you’re a hard worker, your resume looks great, and when you were young, you probably were happy with the thought of having a 9-5 job one day. But as you have gotten older, you may have realized that your dreams and goals have shifted somewhat. You are a very mindful person, you like to spend time outdoors, and you practice yoga and meditation on a regular basis. Seeing how these practices and habits have benefitted you may one day inspire you to share them with the world. If you want to pursue teaching yoga and meditation or even hosting wilderness retreats, do it! Don’t be scared to live outside the box.

10 Virgo: You Will Become An Expert At Your Passion

Source: Favim

Virgo, you are able to maintain focus like no other sign. Furthermore, one advantage that you have over many other people if your ability to see long-term. Some people will take the path that is easy in the short-term, thinking it will help them avoid obstacles, only to find out that they have also avoided good opportunities that they could have achieved by working harder and pushing themselves. Not you! This mindset will allow you to become an expert at whatever your passion is. You may write books educating others on this subject, or teach people in person. You will gain a lot of authority in your field, and you will serve as an inspiration and role model for other people working in your subject area.

9 Capricorn: You Will Become An Entrepreneur

Source: Favim

Capricorn, it will come as no surprise to you to hear that you’re a hard worker. In fact, even though you will most likely begin your career with a traditional office job, you will quickly realize that although you can actually be quite happy in this environment, you have more potential that than this job allows. Capricorn, with your work ethic, imagination, and drive, you were destined from day one to become an entrepreneur. You will definitely be running your own business one day—doesn’t the word “CEO” just sound so great after your name? Many Capricorns end up stepping into leadership roles and running the show for themselves at some point in their lives, and they are naturally suited for this type of position.

8 Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Source: Favim

Air signs all have such different personalities that it can be tough to pin down what their paths in life actually have in common. But one thing is for certain: air signs stay true to themselves in all that they do. This lesson can take a while for them to learn, and they may not embrace this honest mindset until their twenties, but once they do, it is life changing for them and everyone around them. This is because air signs simply do not accept second best from themselves or from anyone else in their lives! They have very high standards, and they will always demand better. They are consistently working towards self-improvement. Whatever an air sign ends up doing will have a massive impact on the people close to them.

7 Gemini: You Will Connect People

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Gemini, your purpose isn’t really tied to a certain career path. It actually has to do with your personality and social life. You are naturally very sociable, and you always have been. When it comes to connecting people, you have a true gift. You’ll probably end up introducing a few people who end up getting married one day! You’ll host family gatherings that your relatives will be talking about for years to come. You’ll bring together a group of friends who may not seem like they have much in common on the surface, but who get along so well that eventually you guys won’t be able to imagine life without each other. You will literally inspire life-changing connections for so many people, and your influence will spread far and wide.

6 Libra: You Will Encourage People To Strive For More

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Libra, you are definitely not one to “settle” in any aspect of your life. You demand the best from yourself, and the best treatment from anyone you are close to. You will be known as a tough cookie, hard to please, intimidating—but it will produce results. When you lead a team at work, they will have the best projects and results to show the manager. When you get married, it will be the guy of your dreams, no matter how long you have to wait for him. When you’re raising kids, they’ll be the best-behaved children in their class. When the people around you see that you will never accept second best, it will inspire them to live by the same philosophy.

5 Aquarius: You Will Change The Way People Think

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Aquarius, you are used to coloring outside the lines and doing things your own way. No matter what career you end up going into, you will do things a little differently than the people who came before you. You think that the most dangerous, defeated sentence in the English language is, “Well, we’ve always done things this way.” You want to disrupt the status quo and shake things up! You’ll end up being the employee who gets into an argument with her boss because she just KNOWS that her new idea will change things for the better, and you’ll be right. It can be scary to lead people into new territory, but at the end of the day, there is no one better for the job than an Aquarius.

4 Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

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Water signs, you may already be very in touch with your purpose in life! These signs are very intuitive, and although you sometimes have difficulty getting out of your shells and connecting with other people, you know yourself VERY well. Therefore, your purpose has probably been obvious to you from a very young age. No matter how much some people have probably tried to dissuade you from following your true passions (hey Pisces, remember how some people reacted when you realized you wanted to make a living from your art?), you will definitely keep going after it. You are also very sensitive and emotional signs, so whatever you do will definitely involve helping other people in some way—that is your true purpose in life, regardless of your career!

3 Cancer: You Will Be A Friend To Those In Need

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Cancer, you already know that you were basically put on this earth to help other people through difficult times. You may already be working in childcare, becoming a teacher, or pursuing a field like social work. You may also feel inclined to work with kids who have special needs. All of these fields are a perfect fit you for—some people go into these jobs assuming that they will be easy, but you know just how much effort you have to bring to work every day. You are very patient and compassionate towards people, especially those who are struggling. You are the person that everyone wants to have around when they are going through a tough time, because you always know the right thing to say when other people fall short.

2 Scorpio: You Will Teach People To Express Their Emotions

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Scorpio, you already know that you are probably the most emotional sign in the entire zodiac, so we really don’t need to go into too much detail about that! However, you may have wondered what sort of this purpose this could serve in the future. We’ve got good news for you—this trait gives you serious potential in many fields! Oddly enough, you may end up going in a similar direction to Taurus. Teaching yoga and meditation to others so that they can learn to process and express their emotions in a healthy way could be an incredible path for you. You could even become a life coach one day and assist people who are struggling emotionally but don’t feel that a therapist is the right choice for them. Let your heart guide you!

1 Pisces: You Will Create Incredible Art

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Pisces, you have known since a very young age that you were destined to be an artist in some way, shape, or form. Pisces is naturally a very creative sign. You might be talented at writing, painting, music, photography, filmmaking, graphic design, or even fashion. Even though you have always demonstrated a clear talent, many people along the way have probably tried to discourage you from going after your dream. After all, creativity is not always valued in our society. Yes, you will face many obstacles and struggles along the way, but you are destined to be an artist. You can’t ignore this calling. The good news is that if you master your craft and throw your heart and soul into your work, you will make a sustainable living off your art.

The Type Of Person Who Can’t Resist You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Everyone has a specific trait or characteristic that they find extremely attractive. On the other side of the same coin, there are characteristics about us that make others attract to us like a magnet. Sometimes we attract very like-minded individuals, where they are like another version of ourselves. Other times we attract the exact opposites of ourselves.

The law of attraction says what we put out into the universe we attract back. So if we send positive vibes, positive things will come our way and vice versa for negative feelings. If that’s the case, then how is it that we can attract someone so opposite ourselves? Well, there’s another saying that opposites attract. In these instances how are we supposed to know the kinds of people we are attracting?

By now, you’ve probably noticed a pattern of the kinds of people that seem to consistently find their way into your life. Whether it’s your “type” or not, you’re certainly theirs. The answer to why you seem to attract certain people may have to do with your zodiac sign. Each zodiac sign has distinguishable personality traits and characteristics. Those traits can be extremely attractive to certain individuals, which is why you always seem to draw them into your life.

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16 Fire Signs: Attract The Opposite Of What They’re Looking For

Fire signs are generally very bold personalities – which is no surprise considering Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are all fire signs. They are confident, fierce and loud. However, these signs all do have warm hearts as well. It’s really no surprise that fire signs tend to attract a lot of attention and admiration. These signs shine bright, so it’s no wonder that many different people are attracted to them. That being said, the main type of person that is attracted to fire signs tends to be the opposite of what they’re looking for. Most of the time fire signs want to attract someone that shares a firey personality, like them. While they do attract others that share the same personality traits, they more often attract quieter individuals. After all, quieter personalities can’t help but admire the outgoing and loud nature of the fire signs and wants to share in their light.

15 Subdued Personalities Can’t Resist An Aries

Aries are very energetic. They always want to have something to do and live a very fast-paced life. This can sometimes lead to them acting before thinking. While many other fast-paced individuals will find this quality attractive, ironically, Aries often finds they attract a lot of quiet lifestyle individuals. The quieter individuals find the full of life Aries extremely attractive. Where they may be calm and steady, Aries is loud and impulsive. Together these two are either going to have a frustration-filled relationship or they are going to find perfect balance and harmony with one another. Aries lead with their hearts; however, they often attract people who lead with their heads. Despite this, these more tranquil individuals tend to admire the passion that makes up an Aries, even if they don’t quiet understand it all the time.

14 Shy and Needy Individuals Can’t Resist A Leo

Leo is a  take charge kind of person, and is very affectionate. Their charisma and bold personalities attract a lot of people. However, Leo will often find they attract shy individuals. The reason for this is, these people admire the confidence Leo exudes and feeds off of it themselves. These people are generally looking for someone who is both creative, smart and challenges them to step out of their comfort zones, which is why they can’t resist a Leo. Leo will also find they attract needy individuals. At first this may work out well for the Leo as they do love attention and affection; however, as much as they love attention they will grow tired of neediness as it turns to clinginess. Leo likes to be in committed relationships and people can sense that. But there is a difference between the committed aspects and overall clingy people that are attracted to the star that is a Leo.

13 The Homebody Can’t Resist A Sagittarius

Sagittarius love adventures, and often grow tired of the same old, same old. They don’t operate by the concept “if it’s not broke don’t fix it;” they fix it anyways out of sheer boredom. Ironically, as much as Sagittarius love change, and are very adaptable to it, the kinds of people they attract are not. Sagittarius tends to attract individuals who are homebodies. These people can’t resist the sense of adventure that Sagittarius has towards life. However, while this may be what initially attracts someone to a Sagittarius, the homebody individual is someone who wants to settle down and start a life together. They want a controlled lifestyle and think Sagittarius may be willing to settle down for them. Sagittarius hate to be controlled, so they’ll only settle down at their own time and when they are ready, in the meantime they’ll want to keep moving onto the next adventure – attracting the eye of many they meet.

12 Earth Signs: Attract People Seeking Security

Out of all the signs in the zodiac, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are the most stable. As the signs that belong to the Earth element, they are very grounded and stand by their values. When it comes to attraction, the Earth signs tend to attract individuals who are seeking a sense of security and stability in their lives and their relationships. The people attracted to the Earth signs are attracted to the comfort that Earth signs bring to the relationships in their lives, whether those relationships are romantic based or friendship based. Sometimes the Earth signs attract individuals who are a bit impulsive, which is the exact opposite of them; however, this is just an example of opposites attracting. Having an impulsive lifestyle may have you seeking security and certainty in the relationships in your life, which is what draws you to the Earth signs.

11 High Energy Individuals Can’t Resist A Taurus

Taurus is perhaps one of the most levelheaded signs of the zodiac. They are very laid back and tend to avoid drama in their lives. While they are hard working, Taurus tends to take a go with the flow mentality toward life. Where Taurus is calm and easygoing, they tend to attract high-energy individuals. Energetic and loud individuals can’t resist the stability offered by a Taurus. They know that this sign will stand by them and even show them how to remain calm from time to time. They also are attracted to the loyalty Taurus has for those in their lives. Taurus is one of the most reliable and stable signs in the zodiac attracting many people who want to feel that. High energy individuals often are attracted to the Taurus because they provide balance in their lives with their calm nature, while their easy going personality leads for a drama free relationship.

10 The Fixer-Upper Can’t Resist A Perfect Virgo

Virgo can be quite the perfectionist. They like to go over everything with a fine comb and try to leave nothing for chance. They are practical and logical, and often keep an open mind and a clear head. For that reason, Virgo is brilliant at solving problems and giving advice. People often flock to them for that very reason. Specifically, they attract a lot of fixer upper personalities. This means that people who are haunted by their own issues can’t resist a Virgo because they believe that these sorts of people can help them get back on track. They sense an understanding nature in Virgo. For them, Virgo will accept their flaws but also help provide the support they need to work through them. Virgo attracts individuals who are a bit of a fixer-upper because, to them,  Virgo offers stability, trustworthiness, and listening abilities to offer the comfort they need in life and in relationships.

9 The Funny Traditionalist Can’t Resist A Capricorn

Capricorn stands by tradition when it comes to relationships. They love courting, and love watching the relationship progress over time. They like stability and security as well. This can mean that Capricorn can’t tend to take life a bit more seriously from time to time. They are also born leaders. For these reasons, funny traditionalists find Capricorn’s irresistible. Where Capricorn may be serious, they attract people who aren’t, which tends to help them lighten up a bit. Otherwise, they could turn into an all work and no play individual. Since they are stable and work hard to keep that stability in their life, Capricorn tends to attract people also looking for that sense of security. Perhaps these people are missing it in their lives at the moment, but they do want it – which is why they will lean towards a relationship with a Capricorn above any other sign.

8 Air Signs: Attract The Person Wearing A Facade

The zodiac signs that fall under the air element are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Air signs are free, fun loving individuals. They get along well with everyone and are always seeking new friendships. As sociable as this sign is they have no problem attracting people to them. However, the one type of person who can’t resist a Gemini happens to be a person wearing a facade. Air signs attract people who don’t always show their true selves immediately. Perhaps these people are a bit of players, maybe they’re pretending to like these they normally don’t like in order to impress you. Either way, the Air zodiac signs attract these sort of people, as well as people in general, because they emanate a kind, caring, friendly, and lovable personality.

7 Slightly Dull Individuals Can’t Resist An Exciting Gemini

Gemini is possibly the most sociable sign in the zodiac. They love meeting new people and get along with everyone they meet. This sign is always down for going somewhere or trying something new. Gemini attracts a lot of friendships and even relationship partners. However, the one type of person who can never seem to resist them is the slightly boring individual searching for a bit of excitement. This kind of person doesn’t do much or go out often, however, they are extremely attracted to this aspect of a Gemini. They will try to pretend they are just like them in order to get close to them and feel what it’s like to be as outgoing as the Gemini is. This will take them out of their comfort zones, but the energy that Gemini shares is contagious and will make anyone feel comfortable and confident.

6 The Person Who Has One Foot Out The Door Can’t Resist A Libra

Libra is the sign of the scale, which represents balance. So it’s no wonder that they tend to attract many people seeking balance and equality in their lives. Libra attracts potential partners that want an equal in a relationship. Although this is the kind of relationships they attract, Libra is nearly irresistible to individuals who always seem to have one foot out the door. Despite their need for balance, Libra tends to be a highly indecisive sign. In this case, like attracts like and Libra often finds themselves in the grey area between friendship and relationship with people who can’t make up their mind for what they want in the relationship. This kind of person is never completely serious or committed and they always seem to be drawn to, and to find their way into a Libra’s life.

5 The Players Can’t Resist The Kind-Hearted Aquarius

Aquarius are extremely kindhearted people. They always look for the good in others, and are always trying to be supportive of their friends. They also try to avoid conflict at all times. However, despite taking a more pacifist approach to life, this doesn’t mean they won’t stand up for what is right or defend the people they care about; because they will do so without hesitation. That being said, players often can’t resist making moves toward an Aquarius. They take their selflessness and caring nature as something they can take advantage of and think Aquarius will be forgiving of their actions. What they may not realize is while Aquarius will let a lot slide; they will stand up for themselves too. Like a moth to a flame, players are attracted to the warm hearts that are Aquarius.

4 Water Signs: Attract What They Need

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are all water signs and share the same open nature. Water signs wear their hearts on their sleeves. They are genuine, sensitive, and willing to be the emotional support for anyone in need. These signs are not afraid to let you know how they feel or what they are looking for in life and in love. Their openness is what leads the Water signs to attract exactly what they want. This means they attract similar individuals who share the same goals, ambitions, and even fears of these signs. Whether it’s a best friend, an equal, or an complimentary personality, Water signs will attract the exactly what they need because they are upfront about it. Just as the Water signs are there for others in their time of need, they draw in the very people who they need to be in their lives.

3 The Best Friend Can’t Resist A Cancer

Cancer loves deeply. They love their partner, they love their friends and they love their families. They like to extend this love to almost everyone they meet, and will most likely treat a complete stranger with the same open, and kindhearted nature that they will treat their best friend. For this reason, Cancer attracts a lot of the best friend type of people. The best friend kind of person can’t resist Cancer’s ready to be friends with everyone attitude. They also love how in-tune to their feelings a Cancer can be. Their relationship will flow naturally, either remaining as a friend or developing further to potential relationship territories. Cancer is an easy sign to be friends with as they welcome everyone into their lives. With an open-hearted demeanor, it’s not unlikely for similar friendly individuals to find themselves irrevocably drawn to this sign.

2 Independent Individuals Can’t Resist A Scorpio

Scorpio is extremely confident in themselves. They know they can rely on themselves to complete any task and value their independent nature. Strong, and with a can-do anything attitude, it’s no wonder similarly independent individuals can’t resist a Scorpio. These signs are comfortable being on their own, and do value the commitment of a relationship. However, they’d sooner stay single and enjoy their freedom than to settle for a relationship that is wrong for them. It’s this strong will and self-assurance that makes them irresistible to other individuals that value their independence, as they feel they have a mutual understanding with Scorpio. Scorpio also attracts people seeking passion in their lives, as this sign embodies feeling intense emotions. Independent and passionate makes this sign attractive to many, and irresistible to those like them.

1 Extroverts Can’t Resist A Pisces

While many people may not consider Pisces to be an extrovert, they do seem to have a way of attracting them. As a matter of fact, extroverts are unable to resist more introverted Pisces. Loud and outgoing personalities seem drawn to the Pisces quiet nature as they appear to be lost in their own daydreams. This intrigues the outgoing individuals always seeking new ideas for things they can do and goals they can try to accomplish. They also love being the reason Pisces will start to come out of their shell. While they may have opposing personalities, and approaches to life, they tend to balance one another out. Extroverts will love how Pisces brings out a calmer side to them; whereas, Pisces love how outgoing individuals brings them out of their comfort zone more and more. Pisces may attract their opposites, but usually, they end up complimenting each other nicely.

Myths Debunked: Here’s The Real Truth About Your Zodiac Sign

If you know anything about the zodiac, chances are the thing you’re most likely to have internalized first are the stereotypes that fit each sign. Some of those things are positive, but more often than not, these things are negative. Think about the last time you talked to someone about your zodiac sign or someone else’s sign. When you mentioned the sign, was it just acknowledged as a fact of life or was it treated like a ding on that person’s scorecard? I can actually describe several instances where I was asked about the sign of someone I was dating or even considering dating, only to be met with opposition because of the stereotypes of that sign. It kind of sounds ridiculous, but then again, stereotypes, in general, are pretty ridiculous.

In reality, the twelve signs of the zodiac are a lot more complicated than many people think. A sign that is seen as cautious and prickly can actually be very open and warm-hearted. The signs that are seen as impulsive and uncaring are actually just adventurers at heart. The signs that are seen as flaky or detached are just imaginative. More often than not, we grow and change, leaving behind the bad habits that make us fall into these zodiac stereotypes. It’s time to debunk the myths about the zodiac signs and talk about what’s real. So, here are the myths and the realities of every zodiac sign. Make sure you check out your moon sign as well for an added perspective on why you are the way you are!

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24 Aries Myth: Loud, Angry, And Enjoys Conflict

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The Aries sign is seen as a little bit too simple. This has a lot to do with the Aries sign’s direct personality. The negative stereotype for the Aries sign is that they are loud and cannot be subtle to save their lives. The Aries sign is also seen as angry to the point that they can’t be trusted to act like adults when it really counts. For all of the Aries straightforwardness, people born under this sign are seen as people who like conflict and will even push for conflict if nothing is really happening. The average Aries is really charismatic, but on the negative side, they can be seen as manipulative if they’re good at using social situations to their advantage and brash if they can’t.

23 Aries Reality: Doesn’t Know How To Express Emotions In A Way That Isn’t Physical

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In reality, the average Aries is deeply emotional and wants nothing more than to connect with people in a straightforward, consistent way. They tend to relate to the world in the physical, not bothering too much with the abstract, so it’s really hard for them to be seen as anything more than what they come across as. However, for the right person, the Aries attitude of “what you see is what you get” is perfect. People born under the sign of Aries don’t care much for drama, and if they’re in a situation where people are trying to start a fight with them, they will finish that fight with extreme prejudice. The main issue the average Aries tends to have is their inability to express their emotions in a more subtle way. Tact isn’t in the Aries vocabulary, but honestly, that can be a really great thing.

22 Taurus Myth: Lazy, Pessimistic, And Eats A Lot

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The Taurus stereotype seems to revolve around laziness. Tauruses are the kind of people who love the finer things and enjoy being pampered, so many people think that they’d rather be pampered than do anything that even looks like work. Tauruses are also seen as people who really like eating, to the point that some zodiac aficionados tend to make that the only personality trait worth talking about for this sign. Tauruses are also people who tend to be practical, and for some people, practicality automatically translates to pessimism. For some people, the Taurus is the person who’s going to rain on every parade and focus on everything terrible, making it so other signs can’t have any fun.

21 Taurus Reality: Enjoys The Finer Things In Life And Works Hard To Be Able To Do That

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In reality, the Taurus sign is a sign that works harder than most and will take on any burden necessary in order to make things happen for those around them. Tauruses enjoy luxury and relaxing and will make time to take care of themselves no matter what their schedules look like, but that’s not all the Taurus is. In actuality, the Taurus is a sign that will punctuate their periods of relaxation with periods of hard work. This is a sign that makes it a point to earn everything they have: they’re uncomfortable with charity and want to be the person that takes care of the people they love. This is also a sign that likes food, but again, that’s not the only Taurus trait worth talking about. On the contrary, Tauruses are signs that value the finer things so much that their tastes when it comes to food are really refined. They’re actually some of the pickiest eaters in the zodiac.

20 Gemini Myth: Two-Faced And Fake

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The Gemini stereotype is that the charisma and charm that they possess actually hide their extreme fakeness and they’re actually really two-faced. Geminis are the sign that people think has multiple personalities because of their constant mood swings and general moodiness. A Gemini can be happy and content one moment and be snarling angrily and crying hysterically the next: you’re never going to know what you’re going to get with this sign. For some people, this sign is so emotional as to be unhealthy and so changeable that they can’t be relied on for anything. They’re seen as flakes for their moods and considering how easy it is to distract a Gemini with some new idea or even with their own inner thoughts, people feel like this opinion has merit.

19 Gemini Reality: Has Too Much Going On To Only Have One Persona, Actually Super Adaptable

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Geminis, in reality, aren’t so much moody as they are changeable, and they’re not even so much changeable as they are adaptable. Geminis can alter themselves to fit any situation: what most people see as multiple personalities are actually just a Gemini using their social skills to smoothly become what the situation needs. Geminis are people who can get along with anyone because of this quality. Geminis are also really smart, smarter than a lot of other signs. They tend to be overlooked when it comes to intelligence because of their fellow Air signs, Libra and Aquarius, but Gemini has something that both of those signs lack: a genuine ability to get along with people that they didn’t have to learn along the way.

18 Cancer Myth: Weak, Fragile, Way Too Emotional

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Cancers are known for being the most emotional sign of the zodiac, by far. This is true regardless of gender: every Cancer wears their hearts on their sleeves and doesn’t really know how to live any other way. However, the Cancer stereotype is that they genuinely don’t know how to turn off the waterworks for literally any reasons. For most people, Cancers are the crybabies of the zodiac: even if they’re just sitting there not showing emotion, they’re just big bubbling pots of drama below the surface. This also leads some people to believe that Cancers are some of the craziest people of the zodiac because of that emotionality. After all, if they’re always thinking with their hearts and not their heads, how are they possibly going to get anything done?

17 Cancer Reality: Their Emotions Make Them Strong And You Never Know What To Expect From Them

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In reality, Cancers are people who are strong below their emotional exteriors. Actually, there are a lot of Cancers who make it a point never to show their emotions at all, unless they really have a reason to. Some Cancers are more overtly emotional and straightforward about their feelings, but others will remain unflappable until a point of no return when anyone who’s crossing them will regret ever tangling with them. Cancers are much stronger than even they give themselves credit for, which is why they’re among the most underestimated signs. Cancers actually tend to have lower self-esteem because they’re constantly underestimating themselves. Once a Cancer really comes into their own, they really own their emotions and see them as a strength, making it so no one ever knows what to expect from them.

16 Leo Myth: Vain, Egocentric, Self-Centered

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Leos are the drama queens of the zodiac, the biggest attention seekers and the ones who are the most self-centered. At least, that’s the stereotype, anyway. For some people, if you have Leo anywhere on your star chart at all, it’s almost like an accusation that you cause drama wherever you go. It’s really unfair, but depending on how mature the Leo is, it can be very true. Leos are the people who know how to make things about them, to the point where other people find it really easy to put them on a pedestal. Leos are also the sign that many people think is most likely to have a totally overblown ego and the ones who are least likely to listen to any sort of criticism, even if that criticism is warranted.

15 Leo Reality: Takes Pride In Themselves And What They Do, Constantly Trying To Better Themselves

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In reality, Leos are the sign that’s all about bettering themselves and improving their station in life. Leos are stubborn, but their stubbornness is different and more subtle than that of other Fixed signs like Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Leos aren’t necessarily egomaniacs, they’re people who take a lot of pride in themselves, so they’ll make it a point to look their best so they look as good on the outside as they want to be on the inside. For Leos, there’s always something they can improve. They don’t love being put on the pedestal that the world seems to want to put them on, even if they do appreciate the attention from time to time. Leos just want to be the best person they can and the more mature Leos end up doing that.

14 Virgo Myth: Loner, Cold, Socially Awkward

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Virgos get a bad reputation for being socially awkward that isn’t entirely undeserved. For a Mutable sign, Virgos aren’t all that great at adapting to social situations. They’d honestly rather be left alone at all costs. Virgos are the type to bury themselves in details that might not mean anything to anyone else. That can be great because not too many other signs are as committed to sweating the small things as Virgos are and someone definitely has to. The major problem with this is that Virgos would rather sweat the details than deal with their emotions, leading to a lot of Virgos stunting their own emotional growth by refusing to look inward. Virgos tend to be loners because of this, which is sad because Virgos actually don’t dislike people. It’s all a myth, though, because Virgos have a different side to them.

13 Virgo Reality: Loves Talking To People But Needs Alone Time – Is Shy, But A Supportive Friend

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In reality, Virgos are people who don’t mind dealing with big picture stuff or even dealing with emotions and feelings. They love their friends and will be just as supportive and kind as any other sign, but they just need some alone time to balance that out. More importantly, Virgos have the gift of discernment, so when they choose to trust someone, they’re doing it because they know that they know that the person is trustworthy. If a Virgo is telling you someone is bad news, listen to them: they have a gut sense about people that is just second to none. Virgos tend to be a bit shy, but that doesn’t mean they don’t come out of their shell. It just means that they’ll do it on their own time and when they feel most comfortable.

12 Libra Myth: Fake, Indecisive, Shallow

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The myth about Libras is actually something that can be ascribed to the most immature of this sign. That myth is that Libras are the worst at making decisions. Anyone who’s ever needed to wait on a Libra’s decision knows this struggle: they want to make the right decision so they’ll weigh their options for as long as they can literally drag things out. This can be a good thing for some people, but a lot of signs are too impatient to deal with that kind of thing, so Libras end up getting a bad reputation for it. Libras also tend to have a reputation for being fake and shallow because of their emphasis on appearances and first impressions.

11 Libra Reality: Wants To Make Everyone Happy, Wants The World To Be Fair

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In reality, Libras aren’t indecisive at all. Rather, Libras understand what it means to make a decision and stick to it, so they want to make sure that they’re doing the right thing for everyone involved. Libras think ahead and are always considering the consequences of their actions. It’s for that reason that Libras are constantly questioning how they think and why they think certain things because they think it’s important to know why they think the way they do. More than that, Libras think globally: they want the world to be fair and will do what they can to make sure they are operating with good intentions. This all stems from the need Libras have to make sure everyone is happy, and they’ll do whatever they can to make that happen, even if it’s at the cost of their own happiness. 

10 Scorpio Myth: Hates People, Obsessive, Self-Destructive

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Scorpios get a really weird reputation, and while it might seem bad for some people, Scorpios themselves have no problem really leaning into this reputation if they know it’ll get them somewhere. Scorpios have a reputation for not really liking people that much, and worse, they’re thought to not treat people very well either. Scorpios are so intense that they end up hurting themselves in a lot of ways before they realize what they’ve done, and that’s not to discount the destruction they can wreak on other people’s lives. Scorpios, according to the negative stereotype, like to see themselves as dark and mysterious, sacrificing their communication skills to put out that particular aura. That’s why it’s hard for Scorpios who haven’t done a ton of growing to forge relationships with people that are healthy, romantic or otherwise.

9 Scorpio Reality: Afraid Of Opening Up To Others, Passionate About Everything They Do

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In reality, the Scorpio stereotype couldn’t be further from the truth. While Scorpios can be really intense and like to play up their own mysteriousness, they’re honestly not the type to try and hurt people on purpose. They’re just afraid of opening up to others, so they like to portray themselves as consistently unflappable. If they appear emotionally invincible, no one will try and hurt them. Scorpios tend to feel less comfortable expressing themselves verbally and much more comfortable expressing themselves physically, which is why they tend to have very physically demonstrative relationships. That’s not necessarily because Scorpios have dirty minds or like that more than any other sign (although sometimes they do), it’s because they feel like they can really say how they feel about a person that way without making themselves too vulnerable.

8 Sagittarius Myth: Happy And Optimistic, But Totally Uncaring

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The Sagittarian stereotype is that every single Sagittarius is a happy, optimistic person who’s constantly looking for fun and nothing else. Other signs tend to see Sagittarius as flaky, and that’s the biggest negative stereotype for this sign. Sagittarians are pretty notorious for not taking commitments very seriously, preferring to casually date over getting serious with anyone. Other signs also tend to see them as the type to not bother with bettering themselves and even the type to be lazy. Their ambitions are more geared towards travel and experiences than accomplishments. Despite this happy and optimistic demeanor, Sagittarians come off like they don’t care about anything, to the point that they’re largely considered one of the most unfeeling signs in the zodiac. For people born under this sign who haven’t bothered to learn anything about themselves and grow as people, these things could very well be true.

7 Sagittarius Reality: Impulsive, But Very Caring, Stays Optimistic To Inspire Those Around Them

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Most Sagittarians have grown beyond their uncaring phase, and the reality of this sign is that they do care very deeply about a lot of things. Sure, the Sagittarius sign is one of the most impulsive, charging into things quickly and easily. However, this doesn’t mean Sagittarians don’t think about their actions before they do things. Rather, it means that Sagittarians handle the things in their life with conviction, not wanting to expend effort on something that they don’t care about. Sagittarians are optimistic, but they’re not naive: they’re positive because they want to inspire the people around them to do the same. Sagittarians would also rather be positive and optimistic than deal with the possibility that things can and do go wrong, so that attitude is kind of like a band-aid on their real feelings. Sagittarians tend to come off as flaky, but in reality, this sign acts decisively and makes things happen if they’re passionate about what they’re doing.

6 Capricorn Myth: Boring, Stick In The Mud, Workaholic

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Capricorns often get treated like they’re the biggest sort of sticks in the mud. Capricorns are ambitious to a fault and don’t like to take their focus off of their goals for any reason, so they come off like people who don’t like to have any fun. To make matters worse, Capricorns aren’t really dreamers in the way that other signs are, so they come off like wet blankets to people who like to dream big. Capricorns focus on the here and now of what they can accomplish, which can be admirable, but for most people, this sign just seems boring and a little too stodgy. Capricorns are also seen as people who don’t know how to be funny or even how to talk to people without relating it to their own special interest.

5 Capricorn Reality: Hates Working, But Wants To Be Successful, Aspires To Achieve So As Not To Be A Disappointment

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In reality, Capricorns honestly hate working. That sounds so weird compared to how everyone seems to think about this sign, but it’s true. Capricorns don’t like to work, but they do like success, so they’ll do what they need to do to get it. They understand that if they work really hard now, they don’t have to work later because they’ll have accomplished what they want to accomplish. Capricorns seem like they don’t like people, but they tend to keep themselves at a distance from people because they’re honestly really afraid of letting people down. They’re the type that wants to provide for the people they care about to the point where they might even forget about themselves a little bit. This sign isn’t selfish or overly ambitious at all. They want to achieve everything so they can give everything to other people.

4 Aquarius Myth: Weird, Detached, And Flaky

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Aquarians are some of the most enigmatic people because to all the other signs, they’re just weird. They’re not even the kind of weird that could be considered endearing under the right circumstances, they’re weird in the sense that other signs might even see them as making it up or exaggerating their weirdness to make a point to other people. Aquarius is also seen as a sign that is cold and detached to comical proportions, to the point that other signs think that this sign literally can’t relate to anyone that isn’t a lot like themselves. Aquarians are also one of the flakiest signs of the zodiac because of their penchant to live entirely inside their heads and forget what’s going on in the real world. I’m an Aquarius myself and I can tell you that a lot of the worst Aquarian traits, while overly exaggerated, come from a real place.

3 Aquarius Reality: Both Idealistic And Logical, Likes To Know Everything About Everything

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As an Aquarius myself, I can tell you that while this sign has its weak points, the reality of the sign is that it’s extremely caring and intelligent. While Aquarians can be logical, even coldly so, this sign is also really idealistic and likes to believe the best of people. Aquarians are known as the humanitarians of the zodiac, meaning that they don’t just care about certain people, they care about the world at large and think about things on a huge, sometimes even global scale. Some Aquarians like to keep their distance from the rest of the world, but others love being in the thick of things and being the center of attention. While some Aquarians can be hyper-focused on just a few things, others have a wide variety of interests. Regardless, this sign loves learning and acquiring knowledge: expect the Aquarians in your life to be like encyclopedias, but in a good way.

2 Pisces Myth: Either Always Sleeping Or Always Crying, Naive

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The Pisces stereotype is that this sign is either always sleeping or always crying with no middle ground in between. Actually, it’s kind of hard to pinpoint a negative stereotype to debunk for this sign because Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and reflects all eleven signs that came before it. People born under this sign can be really emotional to the point where they can’t function when something really small happens. Other people born under this sign can be total emotional rocks who never show their emotions for even a second. Regardless, this sign gets a bad reputation for being really naive about everything. This doesn’t just mean that they’re gullible, it means that they believe the best in everything and everyone even when all the evidence shows that they shouldn’t. This is why a lot of people born under this sign end up walking right into some drama they didn’t need to be in.

1 Pisces Reality: Wants There To Be More To Life, Is The Most Imaginative Person Ever

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In reality, the Pisces sign is a sign that isn’t quite naive, they’re just idealistic. People born under this sign want to escape the world they’re living in now and live in a world where things are fair and everyone is happy. They want there to be more to life, but more than that, this sign just wants to not be underestimated like they generally are. Sure, this sign can be really emotional, but that emotionality is just one layer of the complex Pisces personality. This sign is low-key one of the most savage when it comes to their sense of humor and how they handle drama. Much like this sign finishes off the zodiac, this sign finishes off any conflict and walks out unscathed. This sign is also really imaginative and artistic, so they’re happiest when they’re creating things.

Here’s How To Talk To Your Crush, According To His Zodiac Sign

Communication is a very funny thing. No kind of relationship can survive without it, and yet most of us are constantly struggling to figure out what good communication actually means for us. How do we talk to people and actually get our points across? How do we actually get through to a guy without making a fool of ourselves?

Let’s kick it back to the basics. Appealing to him through the needs and wants of his zodiac sign may just be your best bet when it comes to charming your crush. Talking about the weather just doesn’t cut it anymore. We live in a world where our eyes are always attached to our phones. Hence, we are constantly communicating without even knowing it. So, how can you break through, and appeal to his mind enough to get him talking?

Depending on your crush’s communication style, it can be a lot simpler than you think. Once you’ve figured out his zodiac sign, use this article as your guide to breaking down what’s important to him. Appealing to topics deeper than anything on the surface is what will get you further. You can’t just talk about everyday things. Why not dive into deeper topics and things that you both are passionate about? Guys want to know what you care about as well, that way they know if you even have anything in common.

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16 If He’s An Earth Sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): Hit Them With Thoughtful Conversations


Earth signs are Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn. These guys are very grounded and dependable. They have a hard time truly expressing themselves, and often have their quietness seen as standoffish. Which just isn’t true!

They are very stable signs and enjoy thoughtful conversations the most. They enjoy going past the surface stuff and getting involved in deep conversations. These are the kind of guys that can be intrigued for hours without even realizing when it comes to have a good, meaningful conversation with someone that they’re interested in. He is usually a very kind guy, and very easy to talk to. And chances are, he’s far more nervous than you are so don’t be scared to initiate the first move. Earth signs are calm and practical, so they aren’t really moved by fantasy thoughts.

15 The Taurus Guy: Tell Them About A Good Deed


Taurus usually love to talk, so if you want to start a conversation, then it better be a meaningful one. They don’t have time to talk about the small stuff, they have so much on their minds that they’re passionate about and want to know that you feel the same. Did you recently volunteer, or have you been thinking about donating your time or items to a cause?

Totally tell him about this! It’s also important to do this during your first interaction with them to keep them enticed. They want to interact with active people, not people who have no care for others or those who are lazy. They want to know that you are also putting yourself out there and living an active life.

14 The Virgo Guy: Don’t Talk, Just Text A Playful Conversation


Virgos get a bad reputation for being introverts…because they usually are. It is also for a Virgo to put themselves out there. They are usually the listeners of their group, so don’t be surprised if he tends to stand in the background. Your best bet is to either approach him yourself or, better yet, let him express himself through text.

That’s right, perhaps talking is too awkward for him at first. Warm things up with a conversation over text messages instead. The lack of face-to-face takes the pressure off of him and allows him to be more himself. Once things get warmed up, he’ll reveal his true nature and things won’t be so awkward when you’re face-to-face. Virgo men can be hard to read, but they don’t easily express themselves.

13 The Capricorn Guy: Keep The Conversation Light

The Capricorn man is probably the only sign that doesn’t need to be enthralled in an epic conversation in order to get his attention. He is much simpler, thankfully. However, this guy is often a know-it-all, so be prepared to have some patience with this one. Keeping things light is a great way to start things off.

The Capricorn man is quite the intellectual, so be prepared to learn a few new things. He loves to learn, but he is also a great teacher. Don’t be afraid to ask him questions. He’ll enjoy answering them in an attempt to impress you as well. If he seems serious, don’t worry, it will fade. That just means he’s a bit nervous. Eventually, when he is comfortable he will warm up to you.

12 If He’s An Air Sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): They Need To Be Intellectually Stimulated